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Tia posts on 8/20/2005 5:10:33 PM please, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE tell me Wendelin Van Draanen's birth year. I need it for summer reading project. please, please, please!
xsonyxo posts on 4/15/2005 1:36:48 AM PLEASE write a sequal to Flipped. Flipped has got to be one of the most AMAZING books I've ever read. It's DEFINITELY a page-turner keeping your eyes glued to the pages. I was desperately waiting for the climax to happen... But the story itself in the pages was just so wonderful, full of life and reality. The aspect of two strangers meeting one another, their point of views about each other, about their families and their surroundings, and about how they thought so differently of one another. Juli couldn't see anything but Bryce's dazzling blue eyes and his heart melting smile, and Bryce didn't see anything but the way Juli annoyed and followed him everywhere. Not giving him the SPACE he wanted. But as soon as eighth grade comes around the corner, Juli starts seeing Bryce for what he really is. She starts seeing the person behind those eyes. She starts realizing that all these years, it wasn't HIM she was chasing after... It was those eyes, that smile, that face she was chasing after. She then takes a drastic step of avoiding Bryce and trying to create a life of her own, keeping Bryce un-attached from it. But as soon as her avoidance toward him starts taking place, BRYCE starts seeing Juli for what she really is. Behind all her annoying, chasing, and following.. He starts seeing HER. He unknowingly falls deeply in love with her... And doesn't realize this until he starts acting differently toward her, the strange feeling of wanting to be with her, being pulled toward her. And then here drops the BOMB where the jealousy kicks in. He just CAN'T picture Juli sitting, laughing, eating lunch, or just having a good time with another GUY. And the sudden urge of being with her, holding her, and kissing her can't stop but come out in the open. He soon realizes that he's completely and totally FLIPPED over Julianna Baker. I've terrible LOVED and ENJOYED this book to the fullest up to its each and every word. But the ONLY thing that fell short was the ending. I wouldn't have minded if this turned out to be another one of those hard covered 800 page long story type novels, I could read this story on and on, but going with the story Flipped went on... The ending was pretty much dissappointing. Partly because I didn't want it to end, and as soon as it did, the sadness of the book being OVER crept over me, and more than that.. It wasn't the ending I had expected. And I STRONGLY feel that a SEQUEL to this book is strongly needed to complete this story. The story can be continued on the families' hardships, Uncle David, enemies, friends, jealousy, possesiveness, protection, love, life, living, and this story can be continued in what Juli and Bryce discover further in life. I'm sorry to Wendelin Van Draanen, but the ending felt flat, as if I've been riding a roller coaster this whole entire time and there, when the story had to be ended... The story hadn't been ENDED. My coaster stopped right there on its tracks... Dear Mrs. Wendelin Van Draanen.. I know that many have requested this and I guess I'm just another one of those... But can we please request a sequel to this beautiful story? ...Thank You. :) :) :)
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