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Ren posts on 6/24/2007 1:11:57 AM Isnt it a shame that one idiot can kill a a message board with some stupid drivel. However with all the comments on "The Quest" Wilbur Smith novels are still a brilliant read so dont be put off by the comments on one book. Another writer I really enjoy although with a very different style and subject matter is Nelson DeMille.
Anonymous posts on 5/26/2007 3:04:22 PM ITS PRETTY FUNNY THAT YOU OPENED this because in the next seven >days you will: > >* have someone fall in love with you >* find a $20.00 bill on the ground >* find out that the person you like likes you back >* your best friend will get you a really nice gift >* ur gonna get a gf/bf >* ur gonna get an A+ on all ur tests >* ur gonna get 10 new friends >* ur gonna find a 50 dollar bill BUT...first you will have to send this >with 1 of these titles: > >"I ATE A YELLOW RUBBER BAND" >"I GOT ARRESTED" >"YOUR MOM" >"I HAVE A G/F or B/F!!" >"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" >"I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU" >"I'M SECRETLY A GNOME" >"I HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO TELL YOU" >"I'M GETTING M ARRIED" > >And send it to ur friends! Check it out people itreally works...
Steven posts on 5/25/2007 10:25:25 PM Im gutted about Quest too. I suggest Matthew Reilly. Ivebeen reading Ws for over 20 years and to have the lateset book Ive been waiting for given such poor reviews, I havent even gone and bought it yet. Boo Hoo. Maybe its the end of an era....

Alan Marco posts on 5/13/2007 1:08:41 AM De - Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, I have already read The Power of One, Tandia, and the first two books of the Potato Factory Trilogy. The Power of One is a must for any WS fans.
Shirley posts on 5/12/2007 5:22:32 AM Alan etc thank you so much for the information re reading order. I also have heard there was a film made of Seventh scroll. I am trying to trace it. ANything Egyptian is for me. I think I combination of Pater Jackson and Ridley Scott would be the chaps to create an epic of the Egyptian series par excellence. If anyone has any other books to suggest let me know.
Andy Staynor posts on 5/10/2007 8:09:36 PM After River God, the next book to read should be The Seventh Scroll (there was a movie made of this; does ANYONE know the name of it?) and then The Warlock. The latest book by WS is called The Quest, which apparently (rather unsuccessfully) wraps up this series.
De posts on 5/10/2007 5:53:08 PM Alan , you should try Bryce Courtenay!! start with his most recent "White Thorn"
Shirley posts on 5/10/2007 12:03:29 PM Come on guys - help a girl out- what order do I read WS after River God. I have a little pile but dont want to read them in the wrong order !! You are the experts.
Alan Marco posts on 5/5/2007 6:13:56 PM I'm disappointed to hear that The Quest doesn't hold up to WS standards. I guess it's time to find another author. Would anyone like to make some suggestions?
Emma posts on 5/4/2007 2:43:42 AM Devastated is the only word I can use to describe the way I feel after attempting to read The Quest. River God & the Seventh Scroll were fantastic, WS at his best, I struggled with the Warlock, but it's nothing compared to The Quest. I doubt I will be able to finish it, it's just terrible. For all you new readers, I would suggest that you only read River God and the Seventh Scroll from the Egyptian series to avoid ruining the love affair with Taita's character. I hope WS returns to his old form soon as it would be sad to remember him for the books he's releasing now....
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