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Actors: Alicia Morton, Victor Garber, Kathy Bates, Audra McDonald, Alan Cummings, Kristen Chenowith

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A precocious and lovable orphan in search of her parents charms her way into a billionaire's heart. Annie is an orphan living in an orphanage that's run by the mean alcoholic Mrs. Hannigan. She dreams of finding her parents one day. In the meantime, she along with other orphans get themselves into trouble whenever they try to sneak out of the orphanage to go around the neighborhood, angering Hannigan even more. One day, a nice woman Grace, who works for billionaire Oliver Warbucks, arrives at the orphanage. She is looking for a girl to temporarily stay with them at the mansion over the holidays. Annie is selected, and upon arriving at the mansion, she is in awe of its beauty and luxury. She meets Oliver, a stern and intimidating businessman. However, beneath the tough exterior, Annie discovers his kind and loving demeanor. Meanwhile at the orphanage, Mrs. Hannigan's con-artist brother Rooster and his girl Lily arrive and are up to no good. As Annie spends time with Oliver and Grace, they come to love her. They help her look for her parents, offering a reward. Annie keeps half of a heart-locket, knowing that the other half is with her parents. Soon, many impostors appear, claiming to be her parents. Sure enough, Rooster, Lily, and Ms. Hannigan want in on the money, with Hannigan securing their chances with half of the locket that's been hidden in storage all this time. Rooster and Lily pretend to be Annie's parents, and after being interviewed by Oliver, are handed Annie. Meanwhile, back at the orphanage, Annie's friends find out Hannigan's con, and after being locked in the storage closet, they escape. They run to Oliver's to tell him. Oliver rushes to find Annie, now speeding away in a car. Annie breaks free from Rooster and gets out of the car and runs out into a raised bridge. She climbs up, while Rooster chases her. Annie reaches the top, and dangles on the edge, just then, Oliver's righthand man Punjab arrives via chopper and saves her. Rooster is kicked in the face, and falls. Rooster and Lily are arrested, and Annie is reunited with Oliver and Grace. Annie is officially adopted by Oliver and Grace, who have fallen in love along the way, granting Annie her dream of a family.
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Best part of story, including ending: I love the songs, Annie's optimism is infectious and it's fun to see her charm the people around her.

Best scene in story: When she arrives at the mansion, flabbergasted with this new life that she will be living.

Opinion about the main character: I like her humility. She comes from nothing, and when she gets a taste of the good life, she doesn't care much for the material things but is simply happy with having "parents" again.

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Annie is a 10-year-old red-haired orphan girl living in an orphanage where she is subjected to the horrible rule of Miss Hannigan, the drunken woman who runs the orphanage.

Being an orphan is sad and lonely; it's a "hard-knock life," after all, and Annie dreams of being reunited with her mother and father who left her at the orphanage when she was a baby, leaving her a locket as her only remnant of their memory.

But Annie's luck seems to turn around when she is selected to stay at the mansion of the extremely wealthy (and seemingly cold-hearted) Oliver Warbucks. Over time, he grows fond of Annie and decides that he wants to adopt her for good. But Annie only wishes to find her parents. So, Mr. Warbucks decides to use his wealth to try to find Annie's parents by offering a cash reward for their discovery.

Dozens of phonies show up claiming to be Annie's real parents, hoping to win the reward, but none of them know about the locket that was left to her.

Until, Miss Hannigan's conniving brother Rooster and his wife Lily concoct a horrible scheme. Using Miss Hannigan's knowledge of the locket, Rooster and Lily convincingly pose as Annie's long-lost parents and pocket the check--and take Annie with them.

Will Mr. Warbucks being able to get Annie back before it's too late?
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Based on the Broadway musical, Annie is the story of an orphan searching for a family. Raised in an orphanage, Annie has reason to believe that her parents are still alive. She runs away from the cruel Miss Hannigan in order to find them.

Her recapture by Miss Hannigan coincides with the visit of the secretary of Mr. Warbucks, a millionaire. He would like to temporarily adopt an orphan to boost his image. More to annoy Miss Hannigan than anything else, the secretary chooses to take Annie.

Although initially stand-offish, Warbucks soon begins to warm up to Annie, and quickly comes to love her like a daughter. However, Annie still believes she belongs with her birth parents. At the same time, Miss Hannigan and her crooked brother would like to exploit the Warbucks situation to their benefit.

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This is a story about a young girl who live in a orphanage, but she still believes her parents are alive and she is determined to find them. She runaway constantly and stay in trouble with the lady of the house, Ms. Hannigan, and just as Ms. Hannigan is about to punish Annie for running away agin Mr. Warbuck's assistant comes to her rescue by telling Ms. Hannigan that Mr. Warbuck is looking to take a child into his house for a few weeks.

When Mr. Warbuck finds out she is a girl he wasn't to pleased with that, but he soon starts to love the little red-head girl. Mr. Warbuck loves Annie so much he wants to officially adopt her, but Annie still believes her parents are alive and decline the offer. Mr. Warbuck loving the girl so much he puts up a reward to Annie real parents for 50,000. No sooner then he said this hundreds of people started to claim the girl. While Ms. Hannigan knew that Annie parents were dead she already no that the whole thing is a lost cause until, her brother and his dumb blond girlfriend come up with a plan to get their money, since they know about the broken necklace that the little girl wears around her neck that her parents gave to her before her death.
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Annie (Aileen Quinn) lives in a rundown orphanage managed by Miss Hannigan (Carol Burnett), who hates little girls. Miss Hannigan works the girls from dawn to dusk and locks them in the closet when they misbehave. Living at the orphanage is pretty bad, but living on the street during the Great Depression is worse. But Annie doesn't let her circumstances get her down, she knows that she has loving parents out there somewhere and she is determined to find them. After getting caught escaping again, Miss Hannigan is determined to punish her, but Annie is rescued by Grace Farrell (Ann Reinking), Oliver Warbucks' (Albert Finney) private secretary. Turns out that Mr. Warbucks hosts an orphan in his home every year and this year Grace decided that he needed to host a girl. Mr. Warbucks soon finds his home and his life turned upside down by this lovable girl and her sunshiny disposition, but Annie still believes that her parents are out there somewhere and may give up her one chance at happiness to find them...

This is by far my favorite version of Annie and I adore most of the songs that are in it. It is true that they changed the story from the musical and left out a couple of songs, but they just kind of took out all of the political stuff, which most children wouldn't understand anyway. Annie definitely has the feeling of the Great Depression era though, especially through the costumes, which are very dingy and dull looking.
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The classic story of the little redheaded orphan. The little orphan Annie gets the chance to spend a week at Oliver Warbuck's amazing mansion and naturally, Warbucks wants to adopt Annie. Annie though, wants to find her real parents, and she is convinced that they are still alive. Miss Hannigan, her brother, and his dim-witted girlfriend come up with a plan to be Annie's fake parents and get the 50000 dollars. In the end they are caught and eventually, Warbucks adopts Annie.
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Plot & Themes

Comedy, primarily    -   Yes Time/era of movie:    -   1930's-1950's Kids growing up/acting up?    -   Yes Kids:    -   poverty story Comedy or Parody about    -   musical Parent(s) gone?    -   Orphan story How much humor v. drama    -   Mostly humor, but some serious drama Age group    -   trouble in grade school

Main Character

Identity:    -   Female Age:    -   a kid Ethnicity/Nationality    -   White American


United States    -   Yes The US:    -   Northeast City?    -   Yes City:    -   New York Misc setting    -   fancy mansion

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