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Actors: Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey

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A plain Jane teen vacationing with her family in the early 60's falls in love with the hot dance instructor at the resort Frances Houseman is the younger of two sisters, with the nickname “Baby,” who is her doctor father's pet and the one expected to have a bright future. While vacationing in the Catskills at a lush resort, Baby is lured into the underground lifestyle of the resident staff. Getting invited to one of their after hours parties, Baby is captivated by the style of dancing going on and specifically by Johnny Castle, the handsome dance instructor at the resort.
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He and his dance partner, Penny, seem to have it all, until Baby finds out that Penny is pregnant and needs an abortion. Without enough money to have the procedure, Penny is desperate. Baby steps in and asks her father for money so that Penny can have an illegal abortion in her staff quarters bedroom, but someone needs to dance with Johnny at an upcoming show, or they may lose their jobs. Baby volunteers to learn the dance, much to Johnny's dismay. Everyone doubts she can do it, but she is determined, taking private lessons without anyone knowing what she is up to.

As they dance together, Baby and Johnny begin to have feelings for each other. Successfully, pulling off the dance routine at the Sheldrake show, they arrive back at their resort to find that Penny is very fill from a botched abortion. She is bleeding and very pale. Baby rushes to get her father, who is fast asleep in his room. Dr. Houseman treats Penny and blames Johnny for the pregnancy. Unbeknownst to him, the boy that he likes, that is dating Baby's sister, is the real father. Johnny doesn't tell Dr. Houseman that Robbie is the father and takes it like a man.

Later that night, Baby knocks on Johnny's door and tells him how she feels. They dance together and make love, continuing to see each other in secret. That is, until an older woman, who had her sights set on Johnny, witnesses him and Baby exchanging an early morning kiss outside his door. Soon, Johnny is accused of a theft and fired. Baby is crushed.

As the family sits at the resort's finale dinner and show. Johnny storms into the room and up to the Houseman table. “Nobody puts Baby in a corner,” he says, as he escorts her to the stage. The beat drops and Baby shows off her dancing skills as the man of her dreams lifts her high above his head. Everyone joins in, hitting the dance floor, even Baby's mother. Dr. Houseman bumps into Johnny and Baby and tells him that he knows that it wasn't him who got Penny pregnant. Baby had the time of her life.
Best part of story, including ending: This movie reminded me, and probably every girl, of a time when you first fall in love, often with a guy your father doesn't approve of, and how exhilarating that can be.

Best scene in story: My favorite scene in the movie is when Johnny returns for Baby and takes her up on stage for the dance of her life.

Opinion about the main character: I like Baby because, even though she is a plain Jane, she has depth and love in her heart.

The review of this Movie prepared by Lisa Montalto a Level 1 Blue Jay scholar

Its the summer of 1963, and 17 year old Frances "baby" Houseman (Jennifer Grey) is about to learn some major lessons in life as well as a thing or two about dancing.
On a holiday in America's Catskill Mountains with her parents and older sister, "baby" shows little interest in the resort activities and instead discovers her own enetertainment when she stumbles upon the staff quaters when an all-night party is in full swing. Mesmerised by the raunchy dance moves and the pounding rhythms, Baby can't wait to be a part of the scence especially when she catches sight of the sexy heart throb Johnny Castle (patrick swayze) the resort dance instructor. When Johnny's dance partner, Penny (Cynthia Rhodes), finds herself pregnant after a fling with one of the waiters (Robbie), Baby volunteers to learn her steps and take her place! As Johnny teaches her the steps the two become close and fall in love but Baby's father, Dr. Jake Houseman (Jerry Orbach) is convinced that Johnny is a low life and that his daughter is too young to understand her own feelings.

The review of this Movie prepared by claire

Baby (Jennifer Grey) visits a resort with her family on vacation and meets the hunky dance instructor Johnny(Patrick Swayze). She helps him out so he won't lose one of his dancing gigs by learning the dance steps and dancing the gig with him. But during the learning process she realizes the stress of the sort of life he leads and he realizes there's more to Baby then her name implies. They find strength and truth in each other as they fall in love against the rules of the resort and against the wishes of her esteemed doctor father.
The review of this Movie prepared by Brandy Todd

Baby (the main character) goes along with her family to a summer resort. Baby learns to dance in place of Penny for what was to be one show. Baby and Johnny (Swayze) fall in love and he is forced to leave when the owner of the resort finds out.
The review of this Movie prepared by Caroline

Francis "Baby" Houseman goes on a trip to Kellerman's with her family. Once there Baby meets a handsom dancer named Johnny Castle. Their relationship begins with Baby helping out Johnny's friend Penny by standing in on a dance for her. Johnny teaches Baby how to dance and they begin to fall in love. However, Baby's father disapproves of the relationship. The general adversary in the movie, Robbie, seems a much more acceptable match but he urns out to be a complete jerk because he knocked up Penny. In the final dance number Baby and Johnny declare their love and her father finally finds out what a jerk Robbie is.
The review of this Movie prepared by Kelly

It's an outrageously funny comedy set in the early 1950s during the Korean War. It follows combat surgeons Trapper John McIntyre, Hawkeye Pierce, and Duke Forrest as they they cut and stitch their way through the chaos of war. This movie has covers the issues of morality, life, honor, and death, but mixes it all with humor to make it a great movie!
The review of this Movie prepared by Ali

Francis "baby" arrives with her family at a hotel and notices a muscular, dancing man (Jonny Castle) who is seen as low class with no future. "Baby" and Jonny fall in love through a dancing performance in which she replaces Jonny's partner. Jonny faces prejudice from his bosses and Baby's father. However, all ends well with Jonny and Baby declaring their love by performing 'dirty dancing' in front of everyone and finally Jonny is accepted.
The review of this Movie prepared by Rachel Bailey

Dirty Dancing takes place during summertime in the Catskills in the 1960s. Innocent Francis "Baby" Houseman (Jennifer Grey) goes along with her parents and older sister to a resort, and during the stay meets one of the staff's dancers, Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze).
Their relationship soon turns forbidden when her high-class father disapproves of rough-and-tough Johnny. When Johnny's dancing partner ends up pregnant (not by Johnny, though) Baby must be her replacement in all the dancing shows, and Johnny trains her. Meanwhile, her father is sent to help with Johnny's dancing partner, who needs an abortion. He assumes Johnny is the one who is responsible, and further forbids him to see his daughter. Through dance and courage, Johnny and Baby prove themselves worthy of each other. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves dance, romance, and coming-of-age stories.
The review of this Movie prepared by Lauren

A young girl from a wealthy family falls in love with a Dancer at her father's friend's hotel and tries to help him and his friends out by dancing in place for a dancer who is in trouble. They fall in love and have to deal with how they are viewed by society, especially her father.
The review of this Movie prepared by Mel

Jennifer Grey plays a young Jewish girl in a Catskill hotel who wants some loving from Patrick Swayze. When they're not making love, he's teaching her how to dance.
The review of this Movie prepared by steve

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