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Actors: Christopher Lloyd, Russi Taylor, Rip Taylor, Richard Libertini

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This movie is about a rich family of ducks that finds a magic lamp and a treasure. Trouble ensues when an ancient evil sorcerer is seeking the lamp for his own gain. Scrooge McDuck (Alan Young), Huey Vanderduck (Russi Taylor), Dewey Vanderduck (Russi Taylor), Louie Vanderduck (Russie Taylor), Webby Vanderduck (Russi Taylor), and Lauchpad Mcquack (Terrance McGovern) crash land at an archaeological dig site in the Middle East. The Chest of Collie Baba is being pulled form a hole by some shady looking fellows as Scrooge and the group appears. Scrooge opens the chest with much anticipation only to find that the chest is full of old robes. In the midst of disappointment one of the nephews finds a map in a pocket of one of the robes. While the shady excavators watch, Scrooge cracks the seal on the paper and discover a map. The map is a guide to Collie Baba's treasure.
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The next scene is of Dijon (Richard Libertini), a Middle Eastern guide, talking to Merlock (Christopher Lloyd), an evil and ancient sorcerer. Merlock is disappointed that Dijon did not bring the map with him and Merlock tells Dijon that Dijon will be accompanying Scrooge on his quest to find the treasure. Launchpad, McDuck's dimwitted pilot, literally stumbles across a full sized pyramid that was hidden under tons of sand. This is the place on the map the group was looking for. Merlock is now transformed into a large bird and is anxiously watching the progress Scrooge and the group are making. Everyone, including Dijon, enters a cave in the pyramid. Almost immediately a few booby traps are tripped. Scrooge's nephews check their booby trap guide and learn how to trip most of the traps safely. However, the group still falls through a trap door trap that leads them down a slide. Then a sliding door is tripped which opens to reveal a glittering treasure trove resting in a large basin. During an impromptu celebration Dijon discovers a golden lamp. Immediately Dijon attempts to steal the lamp. Before he can take it Scrooge orders Dijon to go get some sacks for the treasure. While Dijon is gone Webby finds the lamp. Scrooge appraises the lamp as worthless but Webby says she wants the lamp for her tea set. Scrooge allows her to have it. Just then Merlock emerges from the shadows appearing in his normal form. Merlock quickly snatches the sack of treasure. After he crosses the rope bridge he sets the bridge on fire. The sorcerer alludes that Scrooge had found something more important than gold in the trove. McDuck is highly upset but can do nothing. Scrooge, his nephews, his niece, and the pilot are all left in the treasure chamber surrounded by huge scorpions and they have no way out. The boys cut the ropes holding the basin in place. Everyone hops in the basin and they escape into another chamber where an underground river is flowing. The group rides the rapids out of the pyramid.
Outside, Merlock and Dijon are searching through the stolen treasure for the lamp which is nowhere to be found. Merlock leaves the weasel with the treasure and goes back in the pyramid to find the group and retrieve the lamp.
Scrooge and his family have washed up on a beach. Scrooge is visibly discouraged because he had spent his whole life searching for the treasure. Webby offers to give her uncle the lamp back but Scrooge says he vows to get the lost treasure back even if it takes him another 40 years. Meanwhile Merlock vows to get the lamp back and Dijon is going to help him. Scrooge is back in America two days later. He is still upset and everything reminds him of the lost treasure. He seems to take it out on his servants.
Scrooge decide to go home from his office one day because he keeps getting calls from people interested in the treasure. In Scrooge's mansion Webby is polishing her lamp so she can have tea. As she is sitting at the table with her brothers working the lamp begins to dance and spin. The children are surprised when a magical wish granting creature named Genie (Rip Taylor) appears. Genie is grateful for being released from his long stay in the lamp. His knowledge of the events of the 20th century are outdated. So, Genie spends a few minutes hilariously accounting himself with the century. He quickly reads a stack of encyclopedias learning many facts about how times have changed. Before Genie gets away the children ask him about the fabled wishes. Genie explains how to use the lamp. Eventually Webby wishes for a baby elephant as a pet. With some difficulty and hesitation Genie obliges. After the elephant appears Genie explains, “the bigger the wish the bigger the trouble.” Genie also explains that big wishes will draw attention to him and that will cause him to evnetually be stuck in the lamp again for a long time. This is a cause for distress for Genie. Just then Mrs. Beakly (Joan Gerber), the housekeeper, comes into the room and discovers the elephant. She is quite surprised. This causes the housekeeper to run out of the room in horror. Immediately after that Scrooge arrives home. One of the boys wishes for the first wish to be undone. Everything magically goes back to normal just as Scrooge and the frantic housekeeper return to the room. Mrs. Beakly had told Scrooge about the elephant and is even more shocked to find no evidence of the creature in the room. The children hide their knowledge of the elephant to avoid getting into trouble with their uncle. As the children try to explain away what is going on Genie, who is hiding in a closet, makes a noise and is discovered by Scrooge. Genie had disguised himself as a little duckling. The children convince Scrooge to let Genie stay over night. The next scene is of the children enjoying their wishes: the worlds biggest ice cream sundae, a big toy train, and a hand glider. As it grows near dinnertime the children decide to stay out instead of going home. After a full day of fun the children and Genie arrive at the mansion. By now it is frightfully late. They arrive just in time to hear Scrooge angrily listing the punishments he is going to use on them when they come home. One of the children wishes for Scrooge to go easy on them. Instead of punishing the group he welcomes them home and sends them off to bed. After discussing the wishes a shadow of Merlock in bird form flies across the wall. Genie recognizes the shadow and hides. After being reassured that the shadow was a frequently visiting owl Genie explains that he thought it was Merlock. Merlock was apparently the the worst master Genie ever had. A long time ago, Collie Baba stole the lamp from Merlock. Upon inquiry Genie explains that Merlock Is still alive because his first wish was to live forever. Merlock apparently made Genie sink Atlantis and burn down Pompeii. Merlock has infinite wishes because he has a talisman that magically allows him to be an exception to the “three wishes” rule. The talisman also gives Merlock all of his evil powers. The children reassure the Genie and tell him that Merlock probably does not know where Genie is.
The next day Merlock and Dijon appear in Duckburg on the McDuck mansion grounds. Merlock transforms into a rat and sneaks inside the mansion in search of the lamp. Merlock hears Scrooge yelling at his butler saying that he is not going to the Archaeological Society's event because he is embarrassed that he still had not relocated the Treasure of Collie Baba. Merlock sneaks by the angry duck and goes down a hall. He listens at a few doors until he hears Webby and Genie having a tea party. Unbeknownst to the rat the Mrs. Beakly is creeping up behind him with a broom. She chases the rat down the hall. Meanwhile, Webby wishes all her toys were alive even though Genie thinks it is a bad idea. The scene does not work out as Webby had hoped and the toys all leave the room. The newly animated playthings terrorize the housekeeper. Genie begs Webby to wish the wish undone but Webby had used her last wish. Meanwhile the butler is still trying to convince Scrooge to go to the Archaeological Society's event. Scrooge starts to leave the room but his hat falls on a wayward toy that had made it into his office. He tries to retrieve his hat but the toy escapes with it and zips down the hall. Meanwhile, Dijon finally makes it into the house. The boys also come inside from playing outdoors and Scrooge asks them what is going on. Meanwhile Merlock has been eaten by a toy tiger. One of the boys wishes the wish undone revealing to Scrooge that Genie was in the lamp. Scrooge goes off the deep end imagining the riches he could wish for. Scrooge changes his mind and decides to go to the event at the Archaeological Society. Before he goes Scrooge wishes for the Treasure of Collie Baba. The treasure materializes in the middle of the floor crushing the toy that Merlock is inside of. Scrooge forces Genie back into the lamp against the wishes of the children. As Scrooge leaves the mansion Merlock emerges from the pile of treasure and asks Dijon where the lamp is. Dijon tells Merlock that Scrooge took it with him. Merlock and Dijon follow the duck. At the Archaeological Society Genie convinces Scrooge to let him out of the lamp. Scrooge hides a shrunken Genie in a houseplant and Scrooge threatens to put Genie back in the lamp if he is any trouble. Meanwhile Merlock and Dijon arrive. Dijon is suppose to watch the backdoor while Merlock goes to the event. Genie notices Merlock and goes to warn Scrooge. Scrooge is on stage getting ready to present his findings when the Genie pulls him off stage and takes him to a room. Genie barricades the door to keep Merlock out. Genie tells Scrooge to wish them out of there but Scrooge refuses. Scrooge successfully displays how greedy he is by refusing to use a wish to zap them to safety. To save them both Genie makes them both tiny. Genie makes sure the lamp is well hidden in a light fixture. Dijon appears in the room and Merlock orders him to search the place while the evil sorcerer searches outside. It never occurred to Merlock to look up and inside of the light fixture. Genie expresses regret about not being able to be like a normal person. He also expresses regret that Merlock is after him. Afterward, the pair head back to the McDuck Mansion. On the way Scrooge trips and accidentally leaves the lamp behind. Dijon happens to be following Scrooge and finds the lamp. Genie convinces Dijon to use the lamp himself instead of giving the lamp to Merlock. Just as Merlock is getting ready to attack Scrooge Scrooge escapes into his helicopter and Launchpad drops him off the mansion. Meanwhile Dijon is found at Scrooge's home. He has wished for all of Scrooges wealth to be transferred to him. Genie is regretful but bound by his unseen contract. Dijon has Scrooge thrown in jail for trespassing on what used to be McDuck property. In jail, Scrooge makes a promise stating that if he gets his money back he will never make another wish for himself. Just then his family, his butler, the housekeeper, and LaunchPad appear. Everyone chipped in to pay his bail. It is revealed that Dijon has everything Scrooge used to own from his money to his factories. Quickly a plot is concocted. Since Scrooge knows all of the alarms of his mansion he and his relatives plan to go back to the mansion and steal Genie back. Dijon and Genie are back at the mansion getting ready to eat. Genie expresses concern about Merlock but Dijon is not as concerned. Meanwhile the children sneak into the mansion inadvertently letting Merlock, who is a roach now, in behind him. He follows them as they make their way around the traps and alarms. Their work allows Scrooge to enter the mansion but Merlock is close behind. Merlock and Scrooge make it to the office where Dijon is. Just as Scrooge retrieves the lamp Merlock appears and steals the lamp back. Merlock puts the talisman on the lamp and prepares to make wishes. Dijon is turned into a pig for his indiscretions. Merlock then makes the mansion into a replica of his old home much to Scrooge's chagrin. Meanwhile the children are trying to avoid being killed in the transformation of the mansion. The mansion is now a horrid, ugly, and twisted building. Genie is in despair as Merlock wishes to “return home in his new home.” The transformed mansion begins to float and travel. Genie pleads on Scrooge's behalf but Merlock says he wants Scrooge thrown out of his house. As Scrooge is dangling over the edge of the mansion grounds the the children knock the lamp out of Merlock's hand. One of the boys throws it to Scrooge who, with the lamp, begins to fall to the Earth. Merlock follows the lamp and when he catches up to it a fight between Merlock and Scrooge ensues. Scrooge ends up with the lamp and wishes for his family, and the mansion to be back in Duckburg. Everything is back to normal and Merlock, having lost his talisman in the fall, is gone. It is revealed that Scrooge has one more wish. He says he is going to stop all of the magic even if he has to send the lamp to the center of the Earth. Scrooge wishes that Genie could turn into a real boy. This grants two wishes. Genie is so excited about doing things like a real person. Without Genie the lamp crumbles into dust effectively “stopping the magic:. The first thing that Genie wanted to do as a boy was play cops and robbers. The movie ends when Scrooge finds Dijon, now transformed back into a weasel, making off with some of the McDuck riches. Scrooge chases Dijon out of the mansion and down the street.
Best part of story, including ending: I don't like how the story moves along so quickly. Within the first ten minutes of the movie the lamp is found and the antagonist is introduced.

Best scene in story: My favorite scene happens at the McDuck mansion near the end of the movie. Scrooge wishes Genie was a real boy, Genie gets his wish and is able to be a normal person.

Opinion about the main character: I dislike how greedy Scrooge Mcduck is.

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