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Actors: Tommy Wiseau, Juliette Danielle, Greg Sestero

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Johnny's fiancée, Lisa inexplicably gets bored of him and decides to seduce his best friend, Mark. Johnny is a rich banker who lives with his fiancée, Lisa.
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Johnny returns home from a hard day at work. He has bought his fiance a red dress that she wears for him. They start being intimate, then Johnny's adopted son, Denny enters and starts asking about the dress.

Johnny and Lisa go upstairs to have sex, but Denny interrupts them and jumps on the bed too. they persuade him to leave and there is an overly long sex scene.

Lisa's mother goes to the apartment to tell her daughter that she has breast cancer. Lisa decides that she is no longer happy with Johnny and wants someone else. When questioned why, lisa says she has just become bored with him.

Johnny's best friend Mark goes to the apartment and is seduced by Lisa. Mark tries to resist, repeating that he is Johnny's best friend, but they have sex on the stairs anyway.

Johnny buys some flowers for lisa on the way home. The cashier apologises for not recognising him at first, then says that he is her favourite customer.

Johnny returns home depressed that he didn't get the promotion he was sure he was going to be selected for. Lisa says that it's ok and that she still loves him, then pores him a drink of vodka and scotch. Johnny exclaims that he doesn't drink, but Lisa insists that he drink to prove that he is inlove with her. Once Johnny realises how good it tastes he drinks more and more until they are both raging drunk and have sex.

Lisa talks to her mother and continues to moan about Johnny. She says that there is someone else and that Johnny beats her. The mother doesn't believe her and Lisa reveals that it was all a ploy to make people believe that Johnny was abusive so that she could break off the engagement. This is why she got him drunk.

Two, never seen before, characters; Michelle and Mike, enter Johnny's apartment when he isn't there and have sex.

Lisa and her mother walk in on them redressing. They swiftly leave. Denny then enters to borrow some ingredients but leaves after Lisa's mother questions why so many people enter the apartment whenever they want to. Mike reenters to pick up his underwear.

Denny meets a man on the roof who demands money off of him. When Denny says he doesn't have the money The man tries to kill him. Johnny and Mark suddenly take the man down and drag him to the stairwell. Lisa and her mother come to the roof and question Denny. He was involved with Drugs but the man is going to prison so the problem is solved.

Mark gets a phone call from Lisa asking for sex but he refuses.

Johnny and Mark talk on the rooftop, about how lisa is telling people that he hit her, and about the infidelity of women.

Denny finds Johnny on the roof alone and proclaims his love for Lisa. Johnny asks what happened to the other girl he was interested in. Upon remembering this other girl Denny is no longer in love with Lisa.

Lisa tells Michelle about her fling with Mark but swears her to secrecy. Johnny walks in on them talking and asks what the secret is but they won't
tell. Michelle leaves and then Lisa say's she is no longer in love with Johnny. They argue and she goes to bed.

Johnny is playing outside with Mike. Mike tells Johnny about losing his underwear in his apartment. They all laugh about it. Denny and Mark meet them, but then Mark accidentally hurts Mike so they go home.

Lisa tells her mother that she doesn't like Johnny. After they leave, Johnny, having overheard them, announces he will record everything and sets up a bug.

Peter, a psychologist friend of Johnny's talks to him about his women troubles. He begins with saying it's nothing to worry about, then calls her a sociopath. Mark enters and tells them he has a new lady in his life, but he won't tell them who it is.

Mark confides to Peter on the roof. Peter accuses him of having an affair with lisa. Mark tries to kill him by throwing him off the roof, then thinks better off it. Peter give him some advice about what to do.

Before the dress rehearsal for the wedding Peter, Denny, Johnny and Mark go to play football in tuxedos.

Johnny and Mark discuss Mark's sex life in a coffee shop, but he's very guarded.

Mark has sex with Lisa on Johnny's bed.

Mark and Johnny play football together.

Michelle walks in on Mark and lisa. they put their clothes on and Mark leaves. Michelle asks if she's told Johnny yet and Lisa answers no.

At the surprise engagement party Lisa tells everyone to go out to the roof so that she and Mark can be alone inside.

A friend of johnny's walks in and finds them and yells at them, so they so outside.

Outside at the party, people congratulate Lisa on her pregnancy but then she tells them she was lying about it to make things more interesting.

They all go inside, and Mark and Lisa dance together provocatively. Johnny confronts Mark about it and they fight. Lisa say's that she is in love with Mark and that she wants to call off the wedding. Johnny locks himself in the bathroom and won't talk to anyone.

Lisa calls Mark because she wants to go to his place but Mark refuses. Johnny exits the bathroom and argues with Lisa, showing her the tape. She leaves to go be with Mark.

Johnny sobs then shoots himself. Mark and Lisa mourn over his corpse until Denny enters and demands to be alone with him.
Best part of story, including ending: This movie is so bad that it is good. The acting is laughable, the stories is illogical, and the script is hilariously bad.

Best scene in story: I enjoyed the roof top scene where Mark tries to kill his friend Peter, then right after they both act like it never happened.

Opinion about the main character: Johnny is a very complicated character, mainly because he doesn't make any sense. His accent was at time too strong to understand.

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Time/era of movie:    -   2000's+ (present) Romance/Love/Hugging    -   Yes Unmarried Love Triangle?    -   Yes Kind of Love Triangle    -   One Woman Two Men

Main Character

Identity:    -   Male Profession/status:    -   engineer Age:    -   40's-50's Ethnicity/Nationality    -   French Unusual characteristics:    -   Mentally ill


United States    -   Yes The US:    -   Pacific NW

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