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Blue Wings Terri Farley 2000
Secret Star Terri Farley 2000
Moonrise Terri Farley 2000
Rain Dance Terri Farley 2000
Heartbreak Bronco Terri Farley 2000
Red Feather Filly Terri Farley 2000
Golden Ghost Terri Farley 2000
Gift Horse Terri Farley 2000
Desert Dancer Terri Farley 2000
The Renegade Terri Farley 2000
Free Again Terri Farley 2000
Dark Sunshine Terri Farley 2000
Mustang Moon Terri Farley 2000
The Wild One Terri Farley 2000
Trickster - Wild at Heart 3 Laurie Halse Anderson 2000
The Cowboy Way: Seasons of a Montana Ranch David McCumber 2000
Fear of Falling - Wild at Heart 9 Laurie Halse Anderson 2000
A Horse Called Wonder Joanna Campbell 2000
Wonder's Promise Joanna Campbell 2000
Wonder's First Race Joanna Campbell 2000
Wonder's Victory Joanna Campbell 2000
Horses By E-Mail Staci Layne WIlson 2000
Too Late to Love Robin Crickett 2000
Starlight's Courage Janet Muirhead Hill 2000
Miranda and Starlight Janet Muirhead Hill 2000
The Red Pony John Steinbeck 2000
Everything Changes Lauren Brooke 2000
Sooner Or Later Lauren Brooke 2000
Darkest Hour Lauren Brooke 2000
Thicker Than Water Lauren Brooke 2000
Out Of The Darkness Lauren Brooke 2000
Taking Chances Lauren Brooke 2000
Good-bye, Midnight Wanderer Joanna Campbell 2000
Season of Hope Lauren Brooke 2000
Blackface Stallion Helen Griffiths 2000
Black Beauty Anna Sewell 2000
The Horse Whisper Nicholas Evans 2000
The Summer of Riley Eve Bunting 2000
After The storm Lauren Brooke 2000
Breaking Free Lauren Brooke 2000
Coming Home Lauren Brooke 2000
One Day You'll Know Lauren Brooke 1600
Animal Farm George Orwell 1500
All the Pretty Horses Cormac McCarthy 1400
Riding Lessons Sara Gruen 1400
Christmas Colt Mallory Stevens 1200
King of the Wind, The Story of the Godolphin Arabian Marguerite Henry 1200
Tex S.E. Hinton 1000
Untamed Terri Farley 1000
Star Jo Ann Simon 1000

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