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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Perfect Switch Lisa Plumley 2000
A Tale of Two Vikings Sandra Hill 2000
Under the Boardwalk Carly Phillips 2000
The Emerald Swan Jane Feather 2000
The Princess Masquerade Lois Greiman 2000
The Accidental Duchess Jessica Benson 2000
One Kiss From You Christiana Dodd 2000
Stranger in My Arms Lisa Kleypas 2000
Double Take Brenda Joyce 2000
The Forever Kiss Thea Devine 2000
Trading Places Fern Michaels 2000
Understudy Carole Bellacera 2000
The Impostress Lisa Jackson 2000
Thursday's Child Sandra Brown 2000
Forever Autumn Bobbi Smith 2000
Ravished Virginia Henley 2000
Bait and Switch Darlene Gardner 2000
The Art of Seduction Melanie George 2000
The Borer Bride Elizabeth English 2000
Washington Avalanche 1910 Cameron Dokey 2000
After the Abduction Sabrina Jeffries 2000
Baby I'm Yours Susan Andersen 2000
The Tryst Lynda Trent 2000
Deceptions Judith Michael 2000
Wild Child Mary Jo Putney 2000
Wet and Wild Sandra Hill 2000
The Dog Walker Leslie Schnur 2000
Cowboy and the Captive Lora Leigh 2000
Say You Need Me Kayla Perrin 2000
Dear Love Doctor Hailey North 2000
The Riddle Of The Shipwrecked Spinster Patricia Veryan 2000
The Heiress Jude Deveraux 2000
The Secret Swan Shana Abe 2000
The Klone and I Danielle Steel 2000
The Miracle Baby Janice Kay Johnson 2000
A Hint of Scandal Tara Pammi 2000
The Maiden Bride Rexanne Becnel 2000
All I Need is You Johanna Lindsey 2000
The Husband Trap Tracy Anne Warren 2000
Beguiled Lori Foster 2000
False Colours Georgette Heyer 2000
Taming of the Duke Eloisa James 2000
Fool Me Once Jessica Joy 1000
Only With Your Love Lisa Kleypas 1000
Saraband for Two Sisters Philippa Carr 1000
Lost In Your Arms Christina Dodd 1000
Perfect Together Lisa Plumley 800

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