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Wolfsbane Andrea Cremer 2000
Night Broken Patricia Briggs 2000
The Book Of Night With Moon Diane Duane 2000
To Visit The Queen Diane Duane 2000
Beka Cooper: Terrier Tamora Pierce 2000
Unicorns in the Rain Barbara Cohen 2000
Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings Christopher Moore 2000
Dawn: Warriors The New Prophecy #3 Erin Hunter 2000
Moonrise: Warriors The New Prophecy # 2 Erin Hunter 2000
The Darkest Hour: Warriors # 6 Erin Hunter 2000
Forest of Secrets: Warriors # 3 Erin Hunter 2000
Fire and Ice: Warriors # 2 Erin Hunter 2000
Midnight: Warriors, The New Prophecy # 1 Erin Hunter 2000
A Dangerous Path: Warriors #5 Erin Hunter 2000
Rising Storm: Warriors #4 Erin Hunter 2000
The Trouble with Cephae Julien Glazer 2000
Guardians of Gahoole: The Outcast Kathryn Lasky 2000
Guardians of Gahoole: The Hatchling Kathryn Lasky 2000
Guardians of Gahoole: The Burning Kathryn Lasky 2000
Guardians of Gahoole: The Shattering Kathryn Lasky 2000
Guardians of Gahoole: The Siege Kathryn Lasky 2000
Into the Wild: Warriors #1 Erin Hunter 2000
Guardians of Gahoole: The Rescue Kathryn Lasky 2000
Guardians of Gahoole: The Journey Kathryn Lasky 2000
The Capture Kathryn Lasky 2000
First Warning: Acorna's Children Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 2000
Haint Joy Ward 2000
Valley Of Fear Mary Stanton 2000
Watchers Dean Koontz 2000
City Clifford D. Simak 2000
Three Rotten Eggs Gregory Maguire 2000
Top Dog Jerry Jay Carroll 2000
The Last Unicorn Peter S. Beagle 2000
The Mountain's Call Caitlin Brennan 2000
Dogsbody Diana Wynne Jones 2000
Silverwing Kenneth Oppel 2000
Unleashed in Space: The Super Adventures of Wishbone Book 3 Alexander Steele 2000
Dark Moon Meredith Ann Pierce 2000
Birth of the Firebringer Meredith Ann Pierce 2000
Choice of the Cat E.E. Knight 2000
Beastmaster's Circus Andre Norton and Lyn McConchie 2000
Feral Darkness Doranna Durgin 2000
Storyteller Amy Thomson 2000
Fudoki Kij Johnson 2000
Wolf Moon Charles de Lint 2000
The Silver Wolf Alice Borchardt 2000
Night of the Wolf Alice Borchardt 2000
Waiting for Gertrude Bill Richardson 2000
A Feral Darkeness Doranna Durgin 2000
Ghatti's Tale: Finders-Seekers Gayle Greeno 2000

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