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Inspector Maigret Hesitates Georges Simenon 1000
Inspector Maigret Deduces Georges Simenon 1000
Inspector Maigret Directs Georges Simenon 1000
The Weaver's Tale Kate Sedley 1000
Blood and Rubles Stuart Kaminsky 1000
Dead Cert Dick Francis 1000
The Adventure of the Speckled Band Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1000
Burglars Can't Be Choosers Lawrence Block 1000
L.A. Requiem Robert Crais 1000
A Murder in Thebes Anna Apostolou 1000
Falconer's Crusade Ian Morson 1000
The Reigate Squires Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1000
The Schoolmaster W.J. Burley 1000
The Assassin's Riddle Paul Harding 1000
Slicing Edge of Death Judith Cook 1000
By Murder's Bright Light Paul Harding 1000
Ghostly Murders Paul Doherty 1000
Rostnikov's Vacation Stuart Kaminsky 1000
The Queen's Man Sharon Kay Penman 1000
Blind Justice Bruce Alexander 1000
Orchid Beach Stuart Woods 1000
The Breaker Minette Walters 1000
Dress Her in Indigo John D. MacDonald 1000
The Virgin in the Ice Ellis Peters 1000
Now You See It... Richard Matheson 1000
Old Saxon Blood Leonard Tourney 1000
Death at His Private Zoo Tom Howard 1000
The Health Farm Murders Tom Howard 1000
The Beach Front Murders Tom Howard 1000
The Music Box Murders Larry Karp 1000
Touch Not the Cat Mary Stewart 1000
The Witch and the Borscht Pearl Angela Zeman 1000
To Kill A King Mary V. Welk 1000
Something Wicked in the Air Mary V. Welk 1000
Survival of the Fittest Jonathan Kellerman 1000
Stillwatch Mary Higgins Clark 1000
The Barbarous Coast Ross MacDonald 1000
The Last Precinct Patricia Cornwell 1000
Heir Apparently Veronica Dolan 1000
Easy Prey John Sandford 1000
Dust to Dust Tami Hoag 1000
Death Stalks the Khmer Patricia Harrington 1000
Dolly is Dead J.S. Borthwick 1000
Some Deaths Before Dying Peter Dickinson 1000
Right on the Money Emma Lathen 1000
Hard Time Sara Paretsky 1000
Sugarplum Dead Carolyn Hart 1000
Death at a Discount Valerie Wolzien 1000
Slaves of Obsession Anne Perry 1000
Faded Coat of Blue Owen Parry 1000

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