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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
All Fall Down Erica Spindler 1000
No Good Deed Lynn S. Hightower 1000
The Celtic Riddle: An Archaeological Mystery Lyn Hamilton 1000
Eyewitness M.C. Beamon 1000
Capable of Murder Brian Kavanagh 1000
Flesh and Blood Joanthan Kellerman 1000
Garden of Malice Susan Kenney 1000
The White Road John Connolly 1000
Lineages and Lies Jimmy Fox 1000
The Memory Game Nicci French 1000
The Island of Refuge Abby M. Parks 1000
Hot Blooded Lisa Jackson 1000
The Crimes of Charlotte Bronte James Tully 1000
Into the Darkness Barbara Michaels 1000
A Breach of Promise Anne Perry 1000
The Sky is Falling Sidney Sheldon 1000
Celia: A Haunting Mystery Sharon Cullars 1000
Moving Target Elizabeth Lowell 1000
Flesh and Blood Jonathan Kellerman 1000
March Violets Philip Kerr 1000
Name Games Michael Craft 1000
Deadly Pedigree Jimmy Fox 1000
The Kill-Off Jim Thompson 1000
Touch Not the Cat Mary Stewart 1000
Twice Dead Elizabeth Dearl 1000
Dream Tapestry Claudia McCants 1000
The Blue Last Martha Grimes 1000
My Best Friend Laura Wilson 1000
Aftermath Peter Robinson 1000
Broken Martina Cole 1000
Quiet Time Stephanie Kane 1000
Died on a Rainy Sunday Joan Aiken 1000
Old Saxon Blood Leonard Tourney 1000
The Serpent Club Tom Coffey 1000
Simisola Ruth Rendell 1000
Milk and Honey Faye Kellerman 1000
Angel's Flight Michael Connelly 1000
Eye of the Storm Marcia Muller 1000
Death In Holy Orders P.D. James 1000
Buried Bones Carolyn Haines 1000
Lou Dunlop: Cliffhanger Glen Ebisch 1000
Dust to Dust Tami Hoag 1000
Fast Women Jennifer Crusie 1000
Death Stalks the Khmer Patricia Harrington 1000
To Ruin A Queen Fiona Buckley 1000
A Deadly Little Christmas Mary V. Welk 1000
Something Wicked in the Air Mary V. Welk 1000
Silent Partner Jonathan Kellerman 1000
Tippy Toe Murder Leslie Meier 1000
Clandestine James Ellroy 1000

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