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Serenit,y a recent high school graduate is headed to college and a new life. She's following her baller boyfriend Rock to a small private institution. Rock plays college football and works the avenues of D.C., as a street pharmacist. Serenity loves Rock, but is unhappy with his lack of attention. It doesn't bother her that he sells marijuana, it's his lack of attention in the bedroom that has her in a funk. He gets his and forgets about her. Serenity's big sister Carla has taken care of her since their mother died. With dad away in prison Carla is overprotective of Serenity while spoiling her rotten. Carla is financing her little sister's college education. She's outfitted her, brought her a BMW for school, moving her in to her dorm, and leaving her with cash and a debit card. Carla has been a lesbian for as long as Serenity can remember and she's watched her run different women. Carla isn't a one woman type of stud.
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Serenity's lack of satisfaction with Rock sexually, has her a bit curious about the sync and ease that women appear to have innately.

Serenity's roommate Raya, is as into girls as Carla and Serenity makes it clear that she is into Rock, even though he isn't up to par on his sex game. He frowns upon giving oral pleasure himself, but has tried bringing up the idea of a threesome so he can watch Serenity get turned on by another woman, He figures he can double his fun.

When Sadie Smith shows up on campus both Raya and Serenity admire the stud who runs the campus. The younger sister of local celebrity Shawn P, she's flashy, confident to the point of arrogance and clearly can have her choice of any woman foolish enough to get caught in her web. Sadie's game, turning out straight women, and driving them crazy with her special brand of loving. Her wifey, Tootsie, is petite, with super model looks. She knows she has to share Sadie.

Raya has loads of female company in the shared door room. Serenity can hear the low moans coming from Raya's side of the room almost nightly. While walking through campus she bumps into Sadie and watches as the gentlewoman's designer sunglasses fall to the floor. As she apologizes, Sadie takes a good look at Serenity and decides she wants to get to know her much better.

Curiosity over what it will feel like to be with a woman dogs Serenity. Awakened another night with the sounds of love making coming from Raya's bed she catches the voice of Brooklyn one of Raya's rainbow carrying buddies. They are clearly more than just platonic. As the sounds increase in volume, Serenity can't take it. She leaves her bed joining them in an all-girl tryst. Empowered and feeling fantastic from the sex Serenity decides that she'd better quit while she's ahead. She's opened Pandora's Box and boy was the ride wild.

Sadie lays the plans for her annual freak fest, the hottest, most notorious gig of the year. Held at a local club, it starts out as a co-ed event, but the after party is an all-girl, all-night rainbow-ticket affair with plenty of party favors.

With Pandora's Box opened, Serenity can't get Sadie out of her mind, all while insisting to herself that she isn't gay.

The after party pushes Serenity further than she's ever been. She gives into her curiosity and Sadie's pursuit.

Rock is doing his best to keep up with Serenity by having sex with multiple women and enjoying threesomes without Serenity. He has no clue that Sadie is stealing his girlfriend with mind blowing sex and limitless amounts of cocaine supplied by Sadie's brother.

Tootsie is being upstaged by Serenity and the feeling of loss over the woman she loves is starting to unravel her easily led mind. After the festivities end Sadie lays claim to Serenity and Tootsie becomes a distant memory for Sadie. However, Sadie needs Tootsie for one last favor. She wants her to kill Rock so that she can have Serenity to herself. Sadie has no intention of getting back together with Tootsie. She uses her pimp-like mentality and sex skills to get Tootsie to agree to the hit.

Rock thinks he's getting the best of Sadie by having sex with Tootsie. He has no idea that a nine millimeter is under the pillow. As she performs oral sex, Rock is feeling great. He's placed a hidden camera and plans on giving the sex tape to Sadie. As he gets deeper into the vibe of the sex games, Tootsie shoots him in the forehead at point blank range. So focused on the moves Tootsie was putting on him he never saw his end coming. Sadie knocks on the door of the Tootsie's hotel room as soon as she hears the gunshots rushing in to clean up the space while sending Tootsie to another hotel.

Serenity learns of Rocks demise when the clip airs on the news and she's snuggled in Sadie's arms. Sadie keeps a poker face escorting Serenity to Rock's funeral. Serenity hasn't spoken with her sister Carla in weeks. When Carla calls her name she turns to respond, missing the glare of jealousy from Sadie.

The two women face off, stud to stud. Serenity has not told Carla a bit of what she's been into, on and off-campus. A brief conversation is exchanged between Sadie and Carla and it is clear that Serenity's sister does not appreciate Sadie's presence in her baby sister's life. She's heard of Sadie, but doesn't know that she is Shawn P's sister. She and Shawn P do business deals together that keeps Sadie in business and a lifestyle of fast money.

Serenity and Sadie return to D.C., quickly finding their way right back into sex and cocaine. Tootsie is on guard. She decides to try once more with Sadie, showing up at her front door. No one knows she's about to flip out until she rushes past the front door and Sadie . In the kitchen she grabs a butcher knife and when Sadie curses her out she stabs herself. Sadie gets her to the hospital where she is put on a 72 hour hold for a psych evaluation.

Back on campus to complete finals Serenity runs into her Raya her former roommate and one of the first women she had sex with. They hug in greeting as Sadie approaches and grabs Serenity away cursing her out in the process.

When they get inside Sadie's truck Sadie punches Serenity in the eye. When they get to Sadie's house she gives Serenity a complete beat down. Serenity has finally seen the light and starts packing her bags. In the closet she finds a designer duffel bag Rock has given her, inside is the camcorder. She watches the tape of Rock and Tootsie and follows the gun and bullet that end his life. Before she can hide the tape, Sadie sees the bag and the camera, and knocks her out cold by hitting her in the head with a lamp.

When Serenity comes to, she is in the school auditorium and Sadie gives her the choice of having her head blown off, or injecting a syringe full of uncut heroin into her arm. First, she wants her to look into the camera pointed at her and read the note cards saying that she killed Rock. As the needle approaches her arm, Serenity grabs it plunging into Sadie's neck.

The cops come as well as an ambulance. As Serenity is being loaded into the ambulance Tootsie appears with a gun. She was free to leave the mental ward on her own. Her one intention to kill Serenity. She pops off two rounds, one hits Serenity in the chest, the other in the head. When Serenity awakens in the hospital her sister is by her side. She is able to tell the cops where to find the murder tape at Sadie's house.

Serenity comes clean to Carla about her carnal activities. Sadie gets dropped off at the morgue and Tootsie is back on the mental ward. It seems her excellent attorney might be able to get her off.

Carla and Serenity shake their heads in disbelief. Serenity has learned that curiosity and Pandora's box can come with a very steep price.
Best part of story, including ending: I hated that the main players were so self-absorbed, and that there was no mention of condoms being used.

Best scene in story: Mf favorite scene was Carla showing up at the hospital, and trying to protect her wayward sister.

Opinion about the main character: I disliked Serenity for being so careless with her well-being.

The review of this Book prepared by C. Imani Williams a Level 1 Blue Jay scholar

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Plot & Themes

Time/era of story    -   2000+ (Present Day) Action/suspense subplot?    -   Yes Action:    -   chased by/chasing kidnapper/killer If one lover chases another...    -   they alternate Same sex sex    -   Yes What kind    -   Bisexual Lady

Main Male Character

Profession/status:    -   student Age/status:    -   20's-30's Sex makes him    -   arrogant If he's not white he must be...    -   black

Main Female Character

Age/status:    -   a teen Profession/status:    -   student Effect of sexing    -   confused If she's not white she must be...    -   black


City?    -   Yes City:    -   Washington D.C.

Writing Style

What % of story is romance related?    -   40% How explicit is the sex?    -   descript of kissing    -   touching of anatomy    -   orgies    -   lesbians!    -   actual description of sex    -   Boob talk    -   Vagia talk    -   Weiner talk Focus of story    -   many multiple characters How much dialog    -   roughly even amounts of descript and dialog

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