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Plot Summary Part 3

Anyway, Beryl has the frenchies kill her baby. She never got pregnant when she had sex with Boy because he would always "pull out in time" but Deny did not, squirting his white love fluid deep into the inner crevices of Beryl's equestrian womb.

A guy named Frank paid for her abortion and out of gratefulness Beryl followed him around for a while. But when Frank took her over to a friends' house where they were having an orgy, and the other men expected to bone Beryl because Frank told them she was a slut, Beryl decided to break up with Frank.

Beryl hooks up with Denys and lets him bone her again. But of course Denys has to leave 30 seconds later for some trip somewhere. Denys is always leaving for somewhere else and he and Beryl are barely in the same place long enough to have sex.

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Beryl pursues a career racing horses and she starts to win races and suddenly everyone wants to be her friend and to hire her to train their horses. There are pages and pages and pages of description of horse racing. I am sure you would find the descriptions of all the horse racing very, very exciting, as I did, but it is much too exciting to summarize her.

Beryl meets a guy named Mansfield and marries him. Just like that. Beryl is not one who believes in getting to know a guy before marrying him. After all, what can go wrong? Besides him not being able to get an erection, I mean. Beryl has a great honeymoon in Europe with Mansfield, except for all the times she thinks about Denys.

Mansfield dresses Beryl up in fancy clothes to meet his rich bitch Mom. Beryl protests that she doesn't normally dress like that but Mansfield insists.

Beryl, doing what she does best, gets pregnant again. Mansfield insists she stop riding horses while pregnant but Beryl refuses.  When the baby is born, it is born without an ass. That's right, the baby has no anus. All the baby's shit piles up inside its body with no way to get out. Doctors have to operate to drill a hole in the baby's ass region to make a place for the baby's shit to come out.

Mansfield says that the fact that Beryl rode horses while pregnant caused her baby to be born without an asshole. Beryl says the baby's lack of an asshole had nothing to do with her horseback riding.  It's impossible to know the truth of it.

On top of it, Beryl was evidently flirting with some royal princes a few months earlier and Mansfield accuses Beryl of letting the princes bone her, and perhaps one of them is the father of the baby without an asshole.

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