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In our society dumb people can be role models. As a fashion model Waris is also held up as a role model. But she is totally uneducated and illiterate. She trades off her physical appearance like a whore, literally stripping nude to make money. She lies repeatedly and commits fraud to illegally stay in England. She is no role model for anyone.

Somalis are among the most immoral, backwards people on the planet. When you read Waris's own account, you see very few examples of good people. Most Somalis, given the chance, want to hurt and exploit others. How many times did Waris have to run to escape rapists? How many times was she exploited even by family members?

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Somali family members exploit each other. It was shocking to see how Waris's many aunts and uncles exploited her and treated her like a slave. They made her work for them without pay and never gave her a day off, never gave her an education. If this is how family members relate to their own, imagine how badly ordinary Somalis treat each other.

Somali parents are brutal to their children. Waris's mother help cut off her v_gina. And her father tried to sell her for some camels. They treated her like a commodity, not like a child. They showed her no real love. What a backwards, evil culture.

The Islamic religion mutilates young girls. Islamists cut off millions of defenseless v_ginas every year. The desert sands of Africa are littered with discarded v_ginas, eaten by hyenas and jackals. Waris claims this practice is not dictated by Islam but it is practiced exclusively by Muslims.

Women are feminists until they are offered enough money to take off their clothes. Waris acts as pure as snow when first asked to take off her top for a photo shoot. But when she is told how much money she will make, she quickly changes her tune and before you know it she is posing nude. She's a hypocrite and a moral whore.

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