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Plot Summary Part 1

Oscar is a fat Dominican kid living in New Jersey. Because he is fat, no woman wants to let him  bone them and no one wants to be his friend. To compensate, he immerses himself in science fiction, Dungeons and Dragons, and writing science fiction novels which no one reads.

His girlfriend Maritza dumped him and Oscar gets very depressed. He eats a lot of food and weighs 260 pounds. He gets another girlfriend named Ana. Ana likes to talk to Oscar about bleeding from her v_gina. She likes to describe how she was bleeding like a hog. Oscar enjoyed her talking about her bleeding v_gina. It made him feel more intimate with her. However much Ana enjoyed talking about her v_gina, however, she never let Oscar into it or touch it.

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Ana gave Oscar a chance to bone her. She had him take her to the movies. But Oscar was too afraid to bone her. After that Ana "friend zoned" Oscar, treating him as an intimate friend but refusing to think of him romantically. In fact, she crushed Oscar by talking about the boys she was dating. She was dating a man named Manny and was impressed by how large his p_nis was, and told Oscar all about it. All this depressed Oscar even more.

In addition to boning Ana, Manny also beat her and called her a dumb v_gina. And yet Ana still stayed with Manny. She liked men who beat her and called her a dumb v_gina as long as they boned her.  Oscar did none of these things.

Oscar told Ana that she had beautiful breasts. But it was way too late; Ana no longer considered him good p_nis material.

Oscar went to college at the New Brunswick campus of Rutgers University. Rutgers is a school for dumb people in New Jersey. New Brunswick is an industrial toxic waste dump. It was the perfect environment for Oscar.

Suddenly, we jump to a new chapter, and it seems that Oscar is masturbating his Mom. She calls him into the bedroom and she is nude, and he stares at her 35 DDD breasts.

Then the weird part happens. His Mom takes Oscar's hand and guides him and kneads his fingers "into her, pushing her fingers down". His Mom is having Oscar rub her nude breasts and perhaps her vaj!

Only it isn't Oscar. Many pages later we are told that it is Oscar's sister who masturbated her Mom. The asswipe author of this book likes to play games like this, making every chapter about a different person but playing a cocktease game of not telling you for many pages exactly who the chapter is being written about.  It is very irritating.

In this case it is Lola, Oscar's sister, who masturbated her mother. Her mother who has the titty sickness, by the way. They chop off a titty but leave the other one for the guys. I guess Lola's Mom wanted one last rub of her breasts and her daughter just happened to be available.

Lola gets a boyfriend named Aldo. She let him bone her on the first date. Lola is quite a slut. Aldo had a long, thin p_nis that hurt Lola, but she enjoyed it anyway. Lola ran away from home to be with Aldo in pursuit of cock.

Things were good for a while until Aldo told Lola that her v_gina smelled bad. Maybe she should have put some breath mints down there.

Lola's mom showed up and captured Lola, and sent her back to where her mom grew up, in the Dominican Republic, a stinky island in the Caribbean.

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