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Cora: Cora is an orphan who is adopted by a family in Kansas who tragically gets killed by grain. Yes, grain kills them, making her an orphan again. Then she grows up and marries a homosexual lawyer named Alan, gets a boyfriend named Joseph, and spends the rest of her life living in some kind of weird, polygamous relationship with all of them. Oh, and Cora also chaperones Louise (see below) when she goes to New York City.


Louise: Louise is a spoiled 15 year old brat who likes to get boned by men. She first got boned at the age of 9 and since then can't get enough of it. She goes to New York to pursue a career in dancing and acting. She eventually becomes famous, gets boned by Charlie Chaplin, then becomes bankrupt and a sad grey haired lady.

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Alan: Alan is Cora's husband, a kind lawyer who loves Cora very much--except in the physical way. He spends most of his time boning his friend Raymond in the ass while married to Cora. Alan marries Cora so she can be his "beard", his cover so people won't know he's a homosexual.


Raymond: Alan's butt friend. He and Alan take turns squirting sperm into each other's buttocks.


Joseph: Joseph is a German janitor who bones Cora in New York. She takes him back to Kansas with her so he can bone her some more, but because Cora is technically married to the homosexual Alan, they pretend Joseph is her brother.

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