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Living a lie can work. Cora, Joseph, Alan, and Raymond all lived a lie. They all risked being exposed at any time. But it worked for them. It worked better than the truth. One theme here is lying to your children and neighbors about the fundamentals of who you are can work, long term.


Polygamists are happy. Technically Cora isn't a polygamist since she isn't simultaneously boning Alan and Joseph at the same time. But she is married to Alan when she gets boned by Joseph, and Raymond is squirting inside of Alan's anus while he is married to Cora, so this seems like a polygamist situation.


Wives can happily cohabit with gay husbands. Cora not only comes to accept that Raymond is boning her husband in the ass but eventually comes to thank him for bringing so much sexual pleasure to Alan's ass. From reading Cora's story you get the impression that most wives would be thrilled to find out their husbands were getting boned up the ass by other guys.

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Some men cannot resist ass sex. Alan told Cora that he tried to resist but the lure of ass sex was too strong. For most of us, the asshole is a dirty, smelly place where solid fecal matter, which can get you sick to the touch, comes oozing out into the toilet bowl. But for others like Alan, it's a like a Garden of Eden, a source of endless dining pleasure that smells likes roses and chocolate. Heh heh heh heh heh.

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