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Copper is married to a guy named Amory. Yes, Copper is a girl. Her real name is Oona, like the sound a moaning woman makes during sex ("OOOONA!"), so she prefers to be called Copper, for her red hair.

Amory is also an odd name, kind of like "Amoral", which, as you will discover, he is. Anyway, Amory is educated, went to Cornell, while Cooper went to "typing college". I was not aware that there was a college for typing. A four year degree? I'm guessing more like a 4 day degree. So Copper feels like a dummy compared to Amory, and Amory's parents felt he married beneath him, which Amory doesn't care about, as long as Copper is beneath him, heh heh.

Anyway, they are war reporters near the end of World War II in France. The French were mostly surrender monkeys who were busy making white flags the minute they saw the Germans coming, and most happily welcomed their new masters, but there was a resistance movement, and now, with the Germans gone, collaborators are being attacked.

Copper goes to a dress store run by Christian Dior to buy a dress. Christian insists Copper takes off her clothes so he can measure her. I have never been to a clothing store before that needed me to take off my clothes to get my measurements. I suspect Christian just wanted to see Copper nude.

Copper sees nothing strange in his request and strips down to her bra and panties. Christian snickers at Copper's small breasts and offers her foam padding to stick underneath her bra. Copper likes being flat chested and refuses to look more like a woman.

When Copper returns for her dress, she gives Christian the gift of a duck liver. Yes, a duck liver. Christian gets emotional. He hasn't eaten duck liver in a long time.

Christian collaborated with the Nazis. He says that dressing the wives of Nazi officers was a form of resistance. He resisted the Nazis by making them look good. What a load of horse s _ _ _.

When Copper goes home, she finds evidence that Amory has been boning another woman. This upsets her. Copper doesn't like it when Amory sticks his p_nis in other women's v_ginas. That's what wives like her are for.

Amory complains that Copper won't let him bone her frequently enough to suit his p_nis. Copper was angry that he boned another woman in their bed.

Copper worries that she might catch a venereal disease from her husband. She decides to get a divorce.

Then one of Amory's girlfriends comes over and asks to live with Copper. Her name is Pearl. Pearl apologizes for letting Amory bone her. She said that Amory told her that Copper didn't mind if he boned other women, so Pearl didn't see the harm. Copper agrees to let Pearl live with her because she needs the rent money.

Copper becomes close friends with Christian. Christian is a homosexual so she knows he won't try to bone her. A lot of the story focuses on Christian's efforts to make a dress for Copper. Yawn! I mean, very interesting!

Christian tells Copper that Pearl is a porn star, who lets men take photos of her to masturbate to. By the way, the book no longer calls him Christian but now refers to him by his last name, Dior, so I will too. Don't get confused!

Copper is upset to learn that she let a porn star (Pearl) move in with her.

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