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Rachel is a Jewess who lives on St. Thomas, an island in the Caribbean with a lot of black people (not that there's anything wrong with that!). Her father tells her that she must marry a guy named Isaac whose wife died and has three kids. Isaac is much older, even older than Rachel's father, but Rachel's father instructs Rachel to spread her legs and let Isaac bone her because his family needs Isaac's money. It's a business transaction.

Rachel agrees to whore herself out and marry Isaac. On their wedding night he rubs her v_gina in preparation. Despite Isaac's p_nis being old, he manages to squirt three or four babies into Rachel.

Rachel has a cousin named Aaron, only he's not a cousin. He seems to be a brother, but actually he's an orphan who is being raised by Rachel's Mom and Dad. Rachel's Mom has a black maid named Adelle. Adelle has a daughter named Jestine. Aaron keeps sticking his dick into Jestine so they ship him off to France. Jestine is pregnant with Aaron's child but Aaron follows orders like a good boy and goes to France.

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Rachel's Mom is not happy about the Aaron dick sticking situation and fires Adelle and Jestine. When Rachel intervenes her Mom agrees to take Adelle back but not Jestine. Rachel thinks her mother is being a real bitch for being mean to Adelle and Justine, just one of many reasons Rachel hates her mom.

Jestine gives birth to a baby named Lyddie.

Aaron returns from France some years later with his new wife, Elise. Rachel hates Elise immediately, thinking Elise is a stuck up bitch who looks down on life on St. Thomas.

Jestine wants her baby Lyddie to see her real father, Aaron. She takes Lyddie to see Aaron, and Elise and Aaron like Lyddie so much they want to take her back to France with them.

Elise actually says that the baby looks just like her, which makes no sense because not only is she unrelated to the baby, but the baby is HALF BLACK.

Jestine naturally doesn't want to part with a child so Aaron hires some guys to tie Jestine to a coconut tree and steal her baby. Rachel finds Jestine and unties her from the coconut tree.

You can feel sorry for Jestine, but really, she is a big retard for showing off her child to Aaron.

Rachel's husband Isaac dies. Isaac's nephew Frederic comes from France to claim all of his loot.

Rachel is hostile at first claiming that Frederic is here to steal her husband's business, which, of course, is exactly what he is there to do. But gradually over time her v_gina gets wet when she looks at Frederic and he also gets the desire to bone her, so they have hot passionate Jewish sex together.

Frederic gets very sick. So Rachel went to the Magic Herb Man and got some magic tea for Frederic. They paid Magic Herb Man in pearls for that crap!!!! Frederic naturally felt much better after drinking the magic tea, although Rachel might have helped too, taking off her clothes and getting in bed with the feverish Frederic and rubbing her large Jewish boobs against him.

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