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Einstein has a job lined up at the Swiss Patent Office. If the patent office finds out that he impregnated Mileva out of wedlock, he would lose his job. But how would the patent office know that he had a child? And why would they care as long as he married the mother? This makes absolutely no sense, but is the reason we are given why Einstein won't marry Mileva. Mileva goes home alone to give birth to her child. Her hometown is called Kac, like "Cock".

Einstein refuses to see Mileva while she was pregnant, even as she went to a hotel one town away from his. So Mileva goes back to Cock, I mean Kac, to give birth to Lieserl. That's quite a mouthful, isn't it? Don't worry about pronouncing the name, though, because the baby dies in the next paragraph.

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Lieserl dies as a baby due to some sickness or other. Einstein never bothered to drop by to see what he had squirted into Mileva's groin. In fact Einstein was angry at Mileva for choosing to be with her sick baby rather than with him. Einstein is being a real dick, isn't he?

Finally, with all evidence of the bastard baby gone, Einstein marries Mileva. She immediately gets pregnant again. She seems to be really good at that. She gives birth to a son named Hans Albert, and later to another son named Tete (Titty?). Hans Albert turns out to be normal, but Tete goes nuts in later life.

In her spare time Mileva works out Einstein's theory of relativity. Yes, you read that correctly. According to this fictional book, Mileva invented the theory of relativity, not Einstein. That's about as historically accurate as Mileva having a p_nis and Einstein having a v_gina.

Anyway, once Einstein hears "Mileva's" theory of relativity, Einstein takes credit for the theory, publishes it, and leaves Mileva's name entirely out of it. Mileva gets angry when she learns that Einstein purposefully excluded her name from the paper on the subject.

Einstein patents a machine that can measure small amounts of energy. Even though Mileva helped him with it, she gets no credit for it or mention on the patent.

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