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Plot Summary Part 2

Yeah, just what I said. Her v_gina moistens when she knows she has a love slave to do her bidding. What a sick girl!

Dolly is extremely sexually aroused at this point. She puts Jimmy's hand on her breast, and ordered him to take her home and penetrate her wanna-be aristocratic v_gina with his working class p_nis.

Later, Jimmy asks Dolly to marry her, but Dolly, while enjoying bouncing up and down on Jimmy's p_nis, refuses to marry him because he is working-class and she looks down on that.

Anyway, Dolly finds a necklace that Vivien lost and goes to Vivien's house to return it. There she is met by Vivien's husband Henry, a homicidal maniac and perpetual wife beater. When Vivien shows up, she acts like she doesn't know who Dolly is, which makes things awkward. It is only later we realize that Vivien really doesn't know who Dolly is, that Dolly's friendship with Vivien is all in Dolly's head, because, as I have alluded to before, Dolly is certifiably crazy.

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Crazy Dolly is enraged that Vivien is "pretending" not to know her and feels Vivien purposefully tried to humiliate her. She also suspects that Vivien visited Lady Gwendolyn and told her bad things about Dolly. When Lady G. dies, and doesn't leave Dolly any money, Dolly is convinced this is because Vivien said bad things about her to Lady G... not because Dolly is merely the maid.

Remember, I told you Dolly was crazy.

The funny part--when Lady G. died her will gave most of her property, including her home, to a humane society. So Dolly was evicted from Lady G.'s home... by dogs and cats. This was the only part of the book that made me laugh.

Dolly is furious at not having inherited and is doubly mad at Vivien, who she blames for this. Dolly is also convinced Vivien is having an affair with a doctor at a hospital. Vivien is in fact not having an affair and this is yet another delusion that Dolly is having, but never mind that. Dolly hatches a plot to take a photo of Vivien and Jimmy together and to blackmail Vivien with it, to persuade Vivien to give her a lot of money to keep the matter quiet.

Now what does a photo of Jimmy and Vivien have to do with Vivien supposedly having an affair with a doctor at a hospital? Absolutely nothing!

But remember, Dolly is crazy.

Dolly convinces Jimmy to take part in this scheme. Remember that Jimmy is her love slave and allows Dolly to lead him around by his p_nis like an obedient castrated man. Jimmy is not crazy about the idea of blackmailing someone but he acts like a meek man whose balls have just been cut off.

Now, the story gets even crazier. For some reason weeks and weeks pass without Dolly being able to get a photo of Jimmy and Vivien together, even though they are together on many occasions working on some kind of boring play. During this time Jimmy, who is pissed off that Dolly won't marry him, starts to fall in love with Vivien.

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