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Plot Summary Part 2

He was really mean to her the first time he met her, but now that he has become sensitive, he realizes he wants to copulate with her. He invites her to the island on the pretext of an author lecture. He even invites her to dinner but she tells him she is engaged to marry someone else. The rest of this book is basically the story of AJ's efforts to bone her.

AJ tells Amelia how The Late Bloomer reminds him of the death of his wife. He shares his vulnerable side with someone else. See how sensitive AJ has become?

AJ wants to get to know Amelia better but fears "they won't be compatible in bed". I don't know if that means that AJ worries he can't get an erection, or if he thinks Amelia's v_gina will smell bad, but he's definitely thinking about sex.

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AJ's friend the chief of police Lambiase sets AJ up on a series of dates. The first date is with a woman AJ does not like although he does note she is wearing a very nice pushup bra that makes her breasts stick out.

The second woman is named Rosie and AJ bones her but Rosie doesn't like the fact that AJ is a book snob so she dumps him--right after they have sex, heh heh.

Amelia tells AJ that she broke up with her fiance because she is attracted to AJ. They talk about books all the time and have book orgasms together and that means a lot to her. She had AJ over to her house and after dinner invites him to her bedroom to have sex, even though it is their first date.

I like how in literature women are always pro-active when it comes to sex, always the one to initiate. Unfortunately such passages make me laugh because we know that when it comes to real life, the opposite is always true. How many women invite men to sleep with them on the first date? Plenty, but only if you read literature.

AJ and Amelia get married, presumably after having more sex and even more book orgasms.

Suddenly, we get an unexpected data dump from Ismay, AJ's sister in law. It turns out that Maya, AJ's adopted daughter, is actually the bastard child of Ismay's husband, Daniel. Ismay knew this because Maya's mother, Marian Wallace, came to Ismay and told her this. Daniel says that Maya can't be his child because he only slept with Marian once. Evidently Daniel never took sex education, heh heh.

Then Ismay says something astonishing. She says if Daniel had admitted this to her, she would have adopted Maya. She would have adopted her husband's bastard child that she fathered on another woman while he was married to her.

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