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Literature snobs experience book orgasms. Book snobs get orgasms just talking about books or bookstores. Amelia had a massive orgasm at the end of the story just thinking about how "holy" Island Books was to her. She also dumped her boyfriend because he couldn't have the same book orgasms that AJ could give her talking about books. Girls who are book snobs are easy to score with if you've read well.

Wives are happy to adopt bastards arising from adultery. If you're married to a woman and you bone another chick and get her pregnant, your wife will be happy to adopt your bastard child, even though is it a constant reminder of your infidelity. Really. This is how Ismay was acting, and it sounds 100% disconnected from reality. But, hey, it's a theme of this book, so there it is.

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Good sex wipes away crimes. Ismay committed a major crime by stealing the Tamberlane but Lambiase doesn't mind because she has been giving him such good sex. Sometimes good sex can wipe away major crimes, if you're sleeping with the chief of police.

 Women demand sex on the first date if you give good book orgasms. Amelia demanded sex from AJ on the first date because he had given her such good book orgasms over the past few months. They talked about books in their snobbish, high-brow way that excited them. Amelia held the occupation of bookseller as one of the most important on the planet, providing indispensible culture to the unwashed masses. That's a book snob.

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