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Aviva Grossman is an intern in Congressman Aaron Levin's office. She is exactly like Monica Lewinsky--fat, Jewish, big breasts, and a cocksucker of a married politician. This is not accidental. The author is trying to milk some laughs out of creating a character EXACTLY like Monica Lewinsky. But instead of creating laughs, the story simply feels unoriginal.

Aviva tells her mother Rachel that she is sucking Congressman Levin's cock. But she says they are in love, and that Congressman Levin has told her that his marriage is over, so she isn't really committing adultery, heh heh.

Rachel is upset to hear that Aviva is sucking Levin's cock. Congressmen are supposed to service constituents, not the other way around.

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Rachel wants to end their relationship, so she tells Levin's wife, Embeth, that Aviva is sucking his cock.

But Embeth does not break the couple up. She evidently is used to Levin fooling around, or else she prefers that other women take on the unpleasant duty of sucking his cock.

By the way, I think I say the phrase "sucking his cock" more in this summary than in all my other summaries combined.

Sucking his cock. Sucking his cock. Sucking his cock.

Now it's true for sure.

Rachel meets Congressman Levin at a fundraiser and he tells her Aviva is doing a good job and Rachel wonders if he means that Aviva is doing a good job at sucking his cock, heh heh.

Rachel notices Levin and Aviva coming out of a nearby room during the fundraiser and it is obvious that Aviva has just been sucking his cock. Her lipstick was smudged and her chin was pink and raw. How does sucking a cock make your chin raw? It's not like a dick is a razor blade that can cut you there.

Aviva tells Rachel that Levin has broken up with her. She's very upset. But then, later, Aviva starts sucking Levin's cock again. Then Aviva is in Levin's car when he gets into a car crash and the media learns about them. It seems Aviva kept a blog where she discussed the finer points of sucking Levin's cock and her blog was discovered.

Aviva was shamed as a slut. Levin, by the way, was just fine. He wasn't forced from office. It is never explained how he wasn't driven from office when his affair was exposed. I guess Democratic voters don't mind when their congressman molests an intern as long as he votes for more taxes and abortion.

Rachel's mom, who was a school principal, lost her job because her daughter was such a slut. Also Rachel's mom divorced her dad and had her own little subplot, which was quite irrelevant and boring, so I will not talk about it further here.

Suddenly the book changes perspective to talk about a woman named Jane Young, a wedding planner in Maine.

What the f___ is going on here? This storyline has nothing to do with anything. We have to plow through several chapters of boring wedding planning details before the asswipe author reveals that Jane is actually Aviva. To escape her slut shaming, Aviva changed her name to Jane Young and moved to Maine. And by the way, she gave birth to a daughter named Ruby. There is some question how Ruby was created since Levin only stuck his dick in her mouth. Could he have given her such a powerful squirt that it went all the way from her mouth down to her vaj?

Aviva, I mean Jane, is helping some lady named Frannie get married.

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