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Jenifer posts on 9/21/2005 12:11:49 AM I just wanted to say thank for your inspiring story. I read it over 10 years ago and have read it many times since. I was also privledged to hear you speak twice. You are a wonderful inspiration to everyone. Thank you for telling your story
Amber posts on 9/18/2005 2:46:02 PM I've just read your book and i have to say i'm really touched.I found myself non stop reading this.I after reading this book wanted to know more about how your life went on.Thank you so much for shareing ur story with us it means a lot to me.Thank you again.
Arielle posts on 9/12/2005 9:41:39 PM Hello, I'm 13 and go to Mayfair High School. Alicia, I have just currently read some of your book. I am ashamed that I can't read it all. It is too emotional for me, and I need to get the book to finish it. I am heart broken to know, that you have gone through the worst of the worst times. You've made me think of how silly my complaints are, when you have gone through so much more. Your courage inspires me so much and many other people I'm sure. You have come to my school before, to my teacher's class, Ms. Swieck. I am a little down that you can't come now, but I understand that the years go by and we aren't able to do as much as we used too. I'm always thinking of you and your bravery.

amanda rae posts on 9/11/2005 6:58:48 PM wow. i cant believe i finally found this page. i hope you personally get to read this. im 18 years old, i met you when i was about 12 years old. you came to my middle school-Earnest A. Becker middle school. And you signed my copy of Alicia:my story. you are my hero. i read that book when i was 12 in 4 days and cried through the whole book. it was so inspirational to me. it taught me to be strong and believe in myself.i think about you everyday and i hope that i can meet you one day. you are truly an amazing person. and i have faith now, because of you. i dont know what else to say but... thank you. its been an honor to have met you. god bless you and your wonderful family. please stay in touch.
Jon Niemi posts on 9/4/2005 4:20:05 PM Alicia: Thank you for your book--and thank you for enriching so many other lives. I simply cannot put into words anything more. To read your story is a privilege--to be able to meet you and hear your story would be an honor beyond comparison. At our University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD) campus, we are fortunate to have the annual Baumler Holocaust guest lecture series. I believe it to be one of the most important events our city and university has to offer. I can only hope you would be willing to make the trip to Minnesota. If this would be a possibility for you, please provide me with additional information as to securing a lecture date.
Aaron posts on 8/21/2005 7:44:38 PM Mrs. Appleman-Jurman, your story touched me deeply. Your spirit of determination encourages me to persevere in the face of adversity. In a culture where athletes, actors and other entertainers are immortalized and hailed as heroes, the real meaning of heroism has been lost. A true hero may risk or even give his/her life so that others might live. When was the last time a precious life was snatched from the icy grip of death--simply by someone hitting a homerun?...or sinking a putt...or making a basket? Athletes are not heroes. You are a hero and I am a better person for having read your book. I read on the bookcover that you live in California. I too live in this golden state. It's comforting to know that I'm sharing the same state with such a remarkable person. If I had one wish, it would be to meet you in person and give you a hug. God bless you.
Teri S. Looper posts on 8/7/2005 6:07:07 PM I was just given a copy of your book, Alicia:My Story and read it through in 3 days. I did not want to put it down. I am a teacher and a mother of three. It is my goal to get this book on the reading lists of every middle school in our city. What a gift your life has been. Thank you for sharing your story.
Caroline Staff posts on 7/23/2005 12:48:41 AM Hi Alicia, I think of you often. Hope you and Gabe are well. If you're ever back in Southern California, I'd really love to see you. Pleae contact me thru my daughter's email address. Caroline
Alan Rockman posts on 6/28/2005 1:30:05 AM Dear Alicia, About 9 years ago I had the great honor of hosting you before an adult singles group. I remember well driving you up from your home to Glendora, and then back down again. I also remember very well your graciousness and concern about my driving back in the thick fog. I am no longer a Southern California resident but live outside of Phoenix. I have often thought about you, and am very glad to find this message board. Thank you again, and Be Well.
Ilona Barezá posts on 6/2/2005 5:13:59 PM Alicia, your story really touched my heart. Thank you for the insperation, thank you for telling the world about your story...
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