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Connor posts on 2/6/2009 9:53:47 AM I agree Storbreaker was fantastic. I love the Alex Rider series. Anthony Horowitz is my greatest author. Jason Steed was awesome, but I did not think he wrote it, the named author Mark A Cooper has his own website and has other books. Can you imagine how upset he must be to have writtn Jason Steed and have everyone say Horowitz wrote it. Agree it's the same style. I think Fledgling Jason Steed was better than Young James Bond. That series is boring.
selena posts on 1/24/2009 5:11:17 AM i love all your books especialy the alex rider series please please write more....
Nick posts on 1/10/2009 9:40:37 PM ive read 4 of your books they are great and it wasnt to hard to get your email addres you might want to do something about that.

Tucker Williams posts on 11/3/2008 10:11:29 AM I have just read Fledgling Jason Steed. I am a huge Alex Rider fan and did not think I would enjoy another teen hero. I dont like Young James Bond but Jason Steed is fantastic. I have two questions for Anthony Horowitz. 1) Why is Fledgling Jason Steed written under a pen name? 2) When is the next Jason Steed book out?
Jack posts on 8/2/2008 4:47:05 AM Anthony Horowitz you are a great writer and I mostly enjoy ur Strombreaker books but are you going to keep writing them? I really hope so please keep writing I am hooked with your books
maria posts on 6/26/2008 7:04:57 PM i'd like to know if Anthon horowitz is planning on writing any more alex rider books. thnx
jack laurance posts on 6/22/2008 3:35:07 PM I am currently reading scorpia and its great, but out of all the alex rider books ive read, i think point blanc is best and i really hope they make a film of it.
joshua ralph posts on 4/27/2008 9:35:27 PM I've read the whole alex rider series, and many other anthony horowitz books. To me anyhony horowitz is the best other i hope he writes more books so i can read them.
Lotty posts on 3/8/2008 10:48:07 AM werewolves and vampires-YES!!! magicians and cupid psyche?-not so sure...
Anonymous posts on 3/7/2008 7:22:47 PM I'd like a honest vote, raise of hands how many of you would pick up a book on werewolves, vampires, magicians or cupid Psyche.
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