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dragonlord posts on 1/17/2008 5:37:15 PM I thought you wanted to talk about the characters. why are you still rambling on about paolini plagiarizing?
Gregory J. Frisby posts on 1/16/2008 8:15:39 PM I agree with you that Paolini is not stupid, and I thank you for responding to my posts so quickly. But if Paolini is not stupid, then that shows that he is a pliagiarist. Make no mistake, I can understand why a fantasy authur would want to borrow ideas, and I have no probelem with that whatsoever. I respect that it is hard to write a book. In short, I know why people might regard me as a snob. It is OK to borrow ideas, I admit. But it is not ok to steal them. If Paolini where only to admit that he borrowed others' ideas, I would not accuse him of plagiarism. But he has not admitted it. You have to give credit to your sources, which is why Paolini plagiarised. He adamantly refuses to give credit where it is due. Other authurs have managed to be modest and say which ideas are theirs and which they borrowed. I would implore Paolini to do so and so end the accusations of plagiarism, but he does not listen to anybody, not his critics, not his fans, nobody. He will not even try to make his works better for others to read. Everybody has a right to like a book, but even so, people have a right to dislike it too. So please, before you right me off as a mean-spirited hater, at least consider what I have to say.
dragonlord posts on 1/16/2008 3:54:50 PM did anyone see that the title for the third book is brisingr. and the answer to the riddle is a stick.:)

Raver posts on 1/16/2008 2:24:52 PM Dierria! (that how it spelled?) CP cannot possibly be stupid. But his parents were to nice to correct him or maybe he thought he was to smart to listen. Who knows?
mysterious girl posts on 1/16/2008 8:10:51 AM Paolini is very smart I love his books of 'ERAGON' they are so good and i think it is one of the best books that I have read and I have read heaps.
Gregory J. Frisby posts on 1/15/2008 4:05:40 PM I noticed a huge flaw in one of the Eragon fans arguments. The argument is that Paolini was only 15 when he wrote Eragon and didn't know any better than to copy. But at the same time they are raving about how brilliant he is for writing his own story at the age of 15. Saying that Paolini is smart enough to write his a book but not smart enough to know about origianlity implies that there is something wrong with Paolini, and that is an insult to his intelligence. Paolini is NOT stupid, no matter how much his fans say he is. Yes, he is a poor writer, but he knows what he is doing, non the less. He knows perfectly well that he plagiarised and if you want, I will give direct evidence. I have it, believe me. And let me ask you this, if Paolini wasn't smart enough to recognise his unoriginality, why didn't his parents inlighten him?
dragonlord posts on 1/15/2008 2:24:34 PM good names and i have a riddle. What's brown and sticky?
Raver posts on 1/14/2008 7:04:26 PM Yeah.... HP books.... Not a real big fan of those. My dragons name would be Seregil or Vavir. Maybe Desya. Yaoi!!!
Marcus aka: Snow Man posts on 1/9/2008 7:57:14 PM Back to naming dragons, I would let it choose its own name. Unless it sounded corny, stupid, or plain. Did you know the the dwarf king, Hrothgar or something, is also the king in Beowulf? P.S. Rowling's site is dieing
dragonlord posts on 1/9/2008 5:09:15 PM Its coming ot in mid september
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