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Meghan Harris posts on 1/1/2012 Meghan Harris has just written a review of Dragon Rider which you can see here
Kylie posts on 12/5/2011 5:46:12 PM I LOVED the first book,didn't really like the second book <SPOILER ALERT> (why Dustfinger...WHY???!!!!) and...not sure how to feel about the third book... Also, how...I repeat, HOW...could Mo become the Bluejay? I mean, I hate how he's changed! Oh well....
Sara posts on 6/10/2010 12:34:52 PM I think Cornelia should actually write the book the ink-trilogy is all about: Inkheart. That has Capricorn and every one else in the pages that they belong in. The one that Dustfinger died in.

Bob Smith posts on 3/22/2010 7:09:55 PM I loved the first book but the second one wasn't so good but the third one i think is the best
Red rider posts on 2/26/2009 7:02:10 PM The same thing happened to me, but nothing important happens in the second one. nothing you can't figure out my reading the third. Meggie, Mo, her mom Dustfinger and Farid go to the inkworld. Dustfinger and Basta die boo--freaken--hoo! and everyone thinks Mo's a tight wearing super hero the blue jay.
Ink...Gone posts on 2/25/2009 7:37:13 PM Well i loved the first book but when i tired to read the second it just was way too draggy for me.
Red rider posts on 2/18/2009 1:41:34 PM poor Farid nothing!!! sure he was sweet in the first two books but in the last one he just left Meggie every time she needed him. He basically dumped her, I can't blame her for getting with that new guy(I Won't say his name and spoil it for those who haven't read the book yet). B.T.W I've seen the movie Inkheart, there wont be any other movies because they basically stuffed the first and last book together. Mo and Meggie never left their world. I won't say any more or I'll ruin it, all I'm going to say is the movie was SUPER!! they could have done with a cuter Meggie though. Also kept an ear peeled, Meggie has a British accent and Mo as none.
Kenzie posts on 1/3/2009 11:54:45 AM I have almost finished Inkdeath and I already know that Meggie and Farid aren't staying together, I WANT them to stay together SOOOOOO bad even though I know that ain't happening. Poor Farid!!
Bluejay posts on 12/30/2008 7:55:17 PM I loved all the books and I want another one about the baby boy and maybe them all going back! I don't want to see the movie they all look too different!
dustfinger! posts on 11/16/2008 12:25:54 AM OMGG!!! I saw the preview to Inkheart! It comes out January 9th!!! WOW AM I EXCITED. I think it's perfect! Everything is exactly the way I pictured. WEll, except for the girl playing meggie. I imagined meggie to be much prettier, but oh well. does any know if inkdeath has already come out?
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