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dwaine lee posts on 6/8/2008 7:14:05 PM I listened to it. At long last we may see the long awaited next book in the chtorr series some time next year.
Frederik posts on 5/26/2008 10:21:18 PM David Gerrold did an interview on episode 8 of CastaBlasta where he talks about A Method for Madness (www jupiterbroadcasting com).
dwaine lee posts on 5/13/2008 4:36:39 PM Yaaay! I just checked DG's web-site and it is back up and running (somewhat)! It looks pretty snazzy as well. there is an explanatory message on the home page about what happened. check it out.

Scott posts on 5/11/2008 1:45:54 AM And the website is still gone. Anyone else suspect there is omething wrong here? There have been rumors about his health for years and I know he looks bad for a mere 64... I suspect we've seen the last Chtor book.
Jim Blume posts on 5/5/2008 1:36:41 PM Website is still down. Maybe he's working on MFM and hasn't noticed.
Steve posts on 5/1/2008 10:46:40 AM For those of you who are interested, DG is scheduled to be interviewed on blogtalkradio on May 21st. Nothing like hearing info. from the one who has it.
kelseyD posts on 5/1/2008 10:25:22 AM that better be true! we're well beyond the time where that sorta thing is considered a fun joke.
dwaine lee posts on 4/27/2008 3:45:42 PM is David's website permanently disabled?? Is that statement about the Method being submitted by October straight from David himself?
Jackie posts on 4/24/2008 11:40:28 PM This is weird. I posted a message a couple weeks ago about Mr. Gerrold's appearance at Coast-Con in Biloxi, and now it's gone. He said he was about to leave for Hong Kong, but also that he was planning to turn in A Method For Madness on Oct. 7th. He also showed part of Blood And Fire and it looked very good. He said he hopes to show more at OasisCon in Orlando in May. Will anyone else here be attending?
Jim Blume posts on 4/24/2008 11:46:47 AM Anyone know what's up with the DG website? It's been down for 3 days (at least) now.
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