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Fairness Maiden posts on 7/2/2014 7:21:20 AM Bushwon here in California people are fed up! California?! Can you believe that the people rallied to prevent the intake of illegal aliens being bused here from the border. Oh they will sneak them back in one at a time by taking them to hospital and then releasing them one at a time. But the point is, if it's happening in California, a liberal state it's going to go ballistic in other cities! America has had enough and it's not going to take it any more! FINALLY!
Fairness Maiden posts on 6/28/2014 11:16:06 PM Bushwon good to hear from you! I am very excited to see the great marxist leader is struggling with his poll numbers, newspapers are pulling their endorsements and admitting they made a grave error supporting his second election, the youth of America see Barry as a failure. We are winning and the tide is turning faster than I expected. Here in California we are about to get inundated with the "new arrivals" as illegal aliens are called now ~ and Pelosi is at the border welcoming the mass illegal invasion with open arms. We are about to send millions of dollars to the middle east so Iraq can protect its borders, but ours are wide open?! This will backfire big on Obama, because the America public is in worse shape financially and job wise since Carter, our healthcare has made more uninsured than ever and 80 percent of those on Obamacare are subsidized. So they think we are going to say okay let more illegals in to use up our services, healthcare and welfare. Any day now Obama will take Air force one to some friendly foreign nation and ask for asylum because he knows criminal charges are coming his way. Just the IRS scandal alone should do it. Wow, I just excitedly rambled, but you get the point. God bless you and your family, Bushwon, we have celebrations ahead!
BUSHWON posts on 6/19/2014 12:40:35 PM -- Somehow I pressed the wrong button and my last post was sent without me finishing. -- As I was saying FM, the damage that Barry will do to this country is incalculable. I can only hope that he will drag down Liberalism with him (which I believe he will for at least a decade). From now, when anyone says: "Let's try a big Government solution", all we have to say is: Obama. And everyone will remember what a colossal failure this joke of a President will be. I truly believe that Barry will do more for Conservatism than Ronald Reagan. And the fight to regain our country begins this November, when we make that weaselly looking rodent Harry Reid the MINORITY Senate leader. Cannot wait! God Bless FM. let's keep up the good fight! WE'RE WINNING! -- And yes I love Cruz and Carson. Also Rand Paul Marco Rubio, Walker, Pence, Jindal, Martinez. We've got a strong and talented bench. They've got Hillary (who has tons of bagagge ie. Benghazi, is a gaffe prone politician, and will be tied to all of Barry's catastrophes). GAME ON!

BUSHWON posts on 6/19/2014 12:13:13 PM Sorry to hear about your mother's illness, FM. But you are very blessed to still have her around and she is very blessed to have a daughter to look after her. She obviously did a great job raising you. God Bless. -- As far as Barry the Wonder Schmuck, words cannot express what a terrible job he's done as President. But we can't say that we're surprised. We tried to warn them that a community agitator with ZERO
Fairness Maiden posts on 6/3/2014 7:45:33 AM Well, Bushwon that last post was from me. However apparently you now need to fill in your name each time you post or I missed something. Anyway it gives me a chance to comment on the latest Obama White House fiasco ~ we rescue a deserter and leave a good soldier languishing in a Mexican prison?! Does any of that make sense to you?
Anonymous posts on 6/1/2014 10:00:52 AM Hello Bushwon sorry to be so late getting back to you. As usual I had some family issues to deal with. My Mom will be 92 in a couple of months! God bless her, she doesn't remember just how I'm related to her anymore~ the Alzheimer's stole that from her, but she loves to see me and hear from me. Wow what a weird month with new scandals and more weak foreign response from our pathetically weak leader. I have no words for the other than that this Obama will be an unsightly wound in our history. I cannot wait for the end his presidency. Did you see the coverage from the GOP gathering? The straw poll puts Cruz as a possible contender ~ I like him a lot. Right now I'm partial to Dr. Ben Carson because he is so calm collected and can slam his opponents without raising his voice. He also has such clarity in his vision for our future. Do you see any clear frontrunner?
BUSHWON posts on 5/3/2014 9:44:11 AM I agree, FM. It's troubling that someone's life could be ruined by something they said. And meanwhile Al Sharpton has a career on MSNBC. As Ann Coulter said: "Sterling is a piece of c*ap covered in human skin." So I am not defending him, but exposing the hypocrisy and slippery slope. -- What do you think of the newly revealed emails proving that the Obama WH systematically lied about Benghazi? I think we finally have the proof we needed and thanks to the new Select Committee that Boehner is setting up, this might just be the beginning. Finally our side is aggressively exposing the most corrupt and incompetent administration we've ever had. Can't wait for November!
Fairness Maiden posts on 4/30/2014 3:00:53 PM Bushwon it's been awhile. Things were happening on this site so I think they got rid of the Anonymous with many names. Thank you for your Easter wishes. I hope your family had a wonderful and blessed day. Well, I have to asked. Do you think Don Serling was railroaded? I find it hard to believe that they have the right to take someones private business away from them because they are idiots. When did we stop having the right to be an A-hole? I don't personally like the guy, but I think he's getting the shaft for a reason. What do you make of it?
BUSHWON posts on 4/20/2014 8:23:20 AM Hey FM, Happy Easter. It's been a while. Looking forward to the Midterms. Going to be a beautiful sight to see our Cry Baby, Man Child President's face the morning after his party and his future agenda gets wiped out by millions of angry voters. I wonder how long it'll take the Left to blame it on racism? Because as we all know: A racist is anyone who is winning a debate against a liberal (especially in the age of Obama). A racist uses racist facts and logic to prove his irrefutable truths (like Obamacare is a disaster) which criticizes our Dear Leader and his signature "acheivement". An act of pure hateful racism. A racist uses loaded code words as a dog whistle to get his fellow racists riled up. Some of these hateful words are: "The Constitution. Less Taxes. Less Gov't intrusion. More individual Liberties. Our Founding Fathers. No more Crony Capitalism. End Gov't corruption. " To a non-liberal these words sound patriotic and seem to symbolize what America is all about. But to the wise Liberal (who's been trained to detect racism in all around him), the truth behind these code words is decoded and we find out what they really mean, which is: "We hate black people." Because when we have a President doing such a bang up job (with the economy, foreign affairs, the debt, Obamacare, and jobs), to dislike his policies, YOU'D HAVE TO BE A RACIST. -- God Bless, FM. Hope you have a beautiful Easter my friend.
Fairness Maiden posts on 4/4/2014 10:26:48 AM Hello Bushwon I'm just checking to see if i can get through to you. Hope you and your family are well. God Bless.
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