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posts on 5/6/2006 12:01:32 AM His third book's due out in sept 2k6 roughly. He's still developing some characters on and ironing some stuff out. If you search this thread I think you'll see a post from him here saying as such. Checkout "Cheeseburger gothic", you'll find info on it there and a conv with Madoc that has a little spoiler about book 3 "The Last Good War"
posts on 5/5/2006 3:57:13 PM Im new to this board and GREATLY apologize in advance if this question has been asked numerous times. Does anyone have a clue as to when the next book will be released?? I'm sure thats the $10K question at the moment by all. Thank you for your patience with a the new guy.
posts on 5/3/2006 1:30:01 AM Birmingham is to be congratualted he is only the second author that I know of to take down J. Edgar in a novel that effectivrly (The first was Nero Wolfe courtesy of author Rex Stout in The Dooebell Rang). Seemingly a minor aspect of an otherwisae exciting and thought provoking seriesóbut one I founf especially amusing.

posts on 5/2/2006 3:01:15 PM Thereare so many mistakes that he can keep from being made. A few that I think of is the P-51 Mustang with the allison engine. They can put the Merlin in immediately instead of waiting a year. The Pratt and whitney r4350 engine into the B-29. The AK=47 is an interesting idea that i would have never thought of. The delay of the M-26 Pershing tank because the army thought the M-4 Sherman was "good enough" The F-86 Sabre could be produced within 5 years. Fixing the American torpedo problems would allow the japanese merchant fleet to be destroyed by 1944. Etc. ETc. the list is endless. On the other hand, the enemy cannot use all their advantages because of politics.
posts on 5/2/2006 1:03:31 PM Also, nice touch with the skyraider plans at the end of book 1... Most folks would've skipped that for the Sabre or Fury or something. Also, ignore the spelling... It's late and info on book 3 seems kinda tucked away... :)
posts on 5/2/2006 12:52:45 PM My god, does JB have his (excriment) together or what? AoT is stunning. I only just found them shortly after Designated was released and coulnd't put them down. And they're a much higher quality than the competition too... Nice one :D
posts on 4/16/2006 1:05:22 PM I have thoroughly enjoyed the first two Axis of Time novels - John B is clearly the equal of Turtledove and Stirling. While I am greatly looking forward to the third and final volume, I really hope that the author will provide a second trilogy and maybe even a third. The alternate WW2 is entertaining enough, but the culture clash between the time travellers and the 'natives' is far more interesting. I urge JB to show us what happens in the subsequent decades. Great stuff!
The American posts on 3/29/2006 10:49:23 PM I really enjoyed book 2 of this series. Very creative Battle of Britain. Dakota Cyclones were great as well as the Trident battle. Keep it up. Looking forward to book 3.
larrydak posts on 3/13/2006 6:16:03 PM lets get the next book out of this series first before poor John starts a new one. But I can see how this series could go past three books easly. We are only in 1943 the war could go on much longer now that everyone knows all the turning points and corrects the mistakes made in the other time line. Just solving the logistics and engineering part could fill a book. Plus a fifth colume in the USSR and have we forgot Turman the Japaness developing a better air defence network and a balistic missle system or anyother wepones system for that matter with out all the R&D and its cost. Just my .02 cents worth Just get the next book out Larrydak
Pegleg posts on 3/13/2006 8:18:53 AM Actually, on Birmo's blog, he has discussed this. I think he was talking about either an additional volume focusing on Kolhammer, or another trilogy. Not sure where he has gone with this, since that discussion (some months ago). But I agree with you-I love these series to go on and on... and on! Pegleg
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