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bernie rizzo posts on 10/31/2005 7:41:12 AM Loved "Weapons of Choice" and loved "Designated Targets" (I pre-ordered from Amazon). So, the big questions are: 1) When will book three come out? 2) How many are you planning on doing to "complete" this story?
Greg Baumgartner posts on 10/29/2005 10:15:29 PM I absolutly loved the first and second books in the Axis of time series. Any chance of a target date for the third? I cannot remember being so gripped by a story. I will be constantly re-reading these books to see if I missed anything the last time through. Good luck with the next novel, and thank you for the opportunity to make these thoughts known to you directly.
Patrick posts on 10/27/2005 5:39:01 PM I'm wondering about your writing long, for instance, do you spend on research for Axis of Time novels? Unless you have a background in military history, I imagine it's a lengthy period. Also, any plans on future novels that take place in this universe, beyond The Last Good War? I'd really like to see what happens over the next 20 or so years in this timeline.

mark posts on 10/18/2005 12:16:42 PM hi can not wait to read the next book i must have read the first one 50 times i must say it is one of the best books i have read in years i just wish amozon would get a move on and ship it they keep changing the date and once out i hope we do not have towait so long for the next one
John Birmingham posts on 10/10/2005 6:24:06 AM Hey jack Sorry for being so tardy. Didn't realize you'd posted. thanks for the comment. No, I hadn't heard about Einstein. It certainly hadn't come up in the reading I'd done.
Jack posts on 9/17/2005 2:18:03 AM Hmm--Been kind of dead around here. But a forum where you can address the author directly! I hope he comes back soon, I could hardly blame him for staying away lo these four months. JB, love the book and am chomping on the bit for Designated Targets. Six weeks, I think, which coincides rather nicely with my birthday. I'd like to say that I really like the Einstein character; he's compassionate and sympathetic and his conversations with Kolhammer have produced some very deep ideas and observations that in my opinion may well be the No. 1 virtue of the story so far, which is saying a lot. However, I recently heard, and was rather surprised to hear it, that Einstein was actually a dick. If you're still out there, what did your research on the character turn up?
John Birmingham posts on 5/16/2005 7:51:50 PM Amy, I didn't read "They passed this way" but maybe I should have. I did a lot of my Brisbane research from memoirs and news archives. you'll be happy to know there's a few more refs to the old joint in book 2. jb
Philip Long posts on 5/12/2005 5:34:12 PM John: It might be hard to wean away many germans from the NAZI propaganda but the russans would be easier. After all, they welcomed tyhe Germans with salt and bread until they realized the NAZI's were just as bad. he only problem would be the physicality of getting the propaganda to them. Maybe you are right about writing. I have written small things and have a rather esoteric work on the history of military rations in work (sure to reach no.1 on the list) As I have said before, the uptimers main help would not be new super weapons but the knowledge of what worked and what did not. also, new ways of making war. In 1942, the USA wasn't much above a boy scout troop in training and equipage.
Amy posts on 5/12/2005 10:28:27 AM Hey all...just finished WOC. It changed my life. Love the Brisbane references, the shout out to "over the top with jim", etc. Also, the Texan, Mike Judge? Rather animated, i would say. JB, was wondering, with all your research, did you happen upon a copy of "They Passed This Way" by Barry Ralph (Simon and Schuster 2001)? Certainly a better account of the occupation, and far more encompassing than the atrocious "Battle of Brisbane" (a paltry extended WHO magazine article). Looking for the solidarity between the rare breed of good Brisbane writers!
John Birmingham posts on 5/9/2005 1:02:39 AM Phil, nice point about the russian masses. it becomes a major crux of book 3. perhaps you should write your own. cheers jb
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