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Caitie posts on 12/22/2006 7:19:28 PM OMGsh!! i just loved this book!! i've read it already like 8 times. a sequal deffinately needs to be made.
halley posts on 12/22/2006 2:34:28 PM please wright a sequel to megan meads guide to the mcgowan boys
Sam posts on 12/19/2006 6:45:23 PM There needs to be asecond book and Megan and Finn have to go out in it. This book was to amazing to not have a sequel.

Katie posts on 12/18/2006 10:59:41 PM I just finished Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys. I just bought it this morning. I LOVED! I would love it if there were a sequel. A sequel where Megan is in love with Finn, not Evan, because that little look Evan gave her at the end of the book really scared me. Finn is great and Evan is a scumbag. PLEASE WRITE A SEQUEL!
Candice posts on 12/15/2006 6:57:14 PM I read Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys in a day. It was soooo good. i really want there to be a sequel or series. i would read every one. this would also make a really good movie. Please make a series out of this.
dorothy posts on 12/13/2006 10:01:44 AM megans meade guide to the mcgowan boys was great! but i'm doing a book report and i'm not to sure waht the theme is.. anyone wanna help? lol
Moira posts on 12/8/2006 12:17:11 AM i know! haha i want a sequel too. i loved this book so much (but then again i have a tendincy to do that with a lot of books...) i got it about 4 in the afternoon and i couldnt put it down till i finished it at 8 later that same evening. Towards the end i had to constantly reasure myself that "it wont end yeeeeet it wont end yeeeeet". Actually i just finished it 2 minutes I'm in that readers glow right now with energy lightning bolts shooting out of my fingertips. and in the words of an ever loving read-aholic: "MAKE A SEQUEL"
marena posts on 11/30/2006 10:16:53 PM i just spent the last 7 hours writing an english project on PRIVATE. let me tell you, between chapter analysis, motifs and symbols, essay topics and plot overviews.... i currently love not having to deal with this book ever again. but it was a dank read man
Jules posts on 11/27/2006 3:18:15 PM I agree. This book should totally have a sequel. I just finished it this morning. I read the back and couldn't stand not getting it. Now I'll lose my mind if I don't know what happens. Anyone who reads this forum should e-mail Kate Brian asking her to write a sequel.
Sally posts on 11/26/2006 10:13:23 PM I love this book. I finished this book in two days. I read at the middle of the night just to find out what happened. I will go insane if I don't know what happens!I'm already going insane. Kate Brian is the best writter and I hope she writes a squeal! This should be a movie and made to a dvd!!I got to know what happens to Megan and Finn,Doug and Megan, Miller and Amy, what about her parents?
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