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mandy posts on 11/11/2006 5:54:52 PM Dob't you see the real problem, everything about the old Anita is dead. She vanished as surely as she might have if she'd been killed by one of her enemies that were so frequent in the past but so nonexistent now. Instead of a character LKH has given us an empty physical shell that takes but gives nothing really in return. The struggle to return Anita to what she was can't just happen in one book bacause we find her killing a new enemy. Ther were lots of things about Anita's conviction before that brought her character to life. A person isn't comprised of relationships they are of self and Anita has no identity now. She's this empty lusting robot that bends to any whim and I for one am waiting for her to kick her own ars into gear which is certainly something that must happen before I can give any credability to her taking the life of anyone else.
Alisha posts on 11/8/2006 9:55:58 PM I would usually look or the good in my beloved Vampire Hunter novels. This series and LKH tuned me on to eading and I dooled though the irst 11 the whole way but she is spiraling down the trashy pit I hope ass kicking Anita reemerges and kick some dicks outta the mix and gets back to fighting evil.
mandy posts on 11/6/2006 9:18:32 PM Its been nearly a month and what,nobody has anything further to say. You can believe it's right or wrong although facts are it's true and everyone was just tip toeing around the issue so we could all ignor what happened. I've never quite been able to work that way, if somethings wrong I'll be sure to let everybody know exactly what it is. But it's been a long time and no response. Usually I at least get a denial, someone who defends Anita and her sickening degeneration but this time there's like silence. I must have really hit the mark.
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