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Alisha posts on 1/24/2007 7:32:01 PM I cannot wait fo the Harliquen,LKH kills someone oh yes welcome back sweet heartache and violence. I hope it's Nathaniel but that would be wistful thinking. Anita needs to feel some burn other than between her legs. I undestand the Ardeur but can you not say slut robot... I do believe that Anita being a Necromancer will be able to control Mommy Dearest she is just more walking undead. LKH also said Belle makes an apperance in the Harliqen...JUICY
mandy posts on 1/16/2007 2:18:15 PM Wow, I don't even care just so that everyone is informed because I always believe that word for good books should be spread yall should read the J.R. Ward series. It's good, I finsihed all three of her books in three days and soon her forth will be out. Yeah! Anyway since I haven't yet read the new mary book I've nothing particular to say about LKH. Just dropped by to see what people had to say. which was all of nothing. Later
Lindabear posts on 12/31/2006 1:10:27 PM I must say that Laurell K Hamilton's Books are great. What gets me is why would someone post negative posts about her books on this or any of her websites? --- ISn't that wrong? --- Anyway Keep up the great work and keep us reading more of your great books! I love the Merry Gentry novels and the Anita Blake novels. The next book out for Anita Blakes Series is the Harlequin due out in June of 2007! Wow another great book to read! Anyone read the graphic novel yet? How was it? Happy Reading everyone and Happy NEw YEar!

mandy posts on 12/30/2006 10:11:33 PM Well ladies and Gents I asked for a cheap copy and voila, Karen Marie Moning provides me with one. If yall haven't read her new book dark fever you aught to, it's decent and you get that feeling that she's been reading LKH books and just couldn't help copying. As for the new Mary book I'm in no hurry to read it. But then I'm discovering that of late I'm not in a hurry to read most of my favorite authors. They books are getting stagnant. I guess the well of creativity dries up on everyone eventually. Although at least Monings not so creative copy of the one opinioned heroine is fairing better then LKH's. If I were Laurell I'd be watching my back, everybody's got an Anita copy and without Anita actually being anbything but a current pb bunny she might loss her spot to a copy of herself. Oh well, I'm good, Ill just have to take up meditating in the place of reading. I hear it's just as beneficial and can help prevent diabetes, on like reading which so far has only proved to keep my insomnia occupied in the wee hours.
CriticalThinker posts on 12/30/2006 7:11:43 PM Mandy, I have the newest book as an e-book if you'd like to read it. I was disappointed. if you haven't read the book be aware there may be some spoilers. The first two chapters were dreams... boring. Then Merry did nothing but run around the sithen naked. The end was okay, a battle of some sorts but being that the battle was brought on by Merry restoring Sholto to power via her nether regions, I was too done, stick a fork in me and call me an Oscar Myer weiner. They never got to the shining court, they never got to the goblin court. I mean I remembered reading it somewhere but then remembered it was some fanfiction. I'll be visiting the library the next time.
TALLON posts on 12/30/2006 6:09:45 PM having just read the whole of anita blake series again the only book that anita is not helping the police is D/M so LKh had a break from murder and the police I think anyone is allowed to have a holiday and anita was advised to take abreak at the end of I/D.
JC posts on 12/28/2006 5:57:51 PM Hello Im new to the postings But love L.K.H. books
yourspecialcrush posts on 12/28/2006 10:25:12 AM I have had the semi-pleasure to read the new Merry Gentry novel. However I was more than disappointed when I saw the relative size of the book. In addition to the tiney size the first two chapters were nothing but a dream. I might be not the best educated but most of the dream didn't make to much sense to me except for the obvious things. Also you get half way through the book and the entire thing stands as such...they have intercouse repeatedly session after session chapter after chapter. No offense but if i wasnted a cheap taudry romance novel I would have bought one at a quarter of that price. Other than that I might just be maturing and over the whole constantly having sex thing. But as that goes it wasn't that bad. There were conflicts of interest in Mistral's part. And several have developed different abilities. Sadly I did go into the novel knowing that there was going to be all kinds of getting it on. But Anita Blake on the other hand we all went into the series thinking of murder mystery and a heroine kicking all kinds of butt. Am I right? Because that is solely the reason why I have been somewhat irked by the terrible direction Anita's life has turned.
Robyn smith posts on 12/20/2006 12:16:19 AM Laurell K. Hamilton is one ofthe best authors I have ever has the pleasure of reading. She never gets boring, I can't put her books down. What an imagination. Thankyou for gracing us with your intelligence and brilliant works of art. The best part of her books is that you feel like your really there, the details of all who bless her books with their presence. She Rocks. Happy holidays
mandy posts on 12/19/2006 3:15:02 PM Well I can see that there's only been cheery conversation about in my absense. I have yet to read the new Merry book but I do have it on hold at the library. I do not buy any LKH books until they've read them anymore. Anyway I have to agree with criticalthinker that whole create the in my image thing just doesnt' hold for why so many men flock to Anita and stay there. I'm sorry she's cool all but no one is worth sharing yourself with eighty billion other people for. Personally I would find the books more realistic if more then just Richard didn't want to be with her as she is. I might add since it's not realistic in that since and any man who has sex with Anita is molded into a perfect slave for her service, thank god Richard has no idea what he wants. For his sake I hope that he stays confused for the rest of his life. Personally I'd have ripped Anita's head off if I'd been manipulated but who are the lowly sex slaves to ever grow a real personality. Bah hum bug is all I've to say.
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