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TALLON posts on 12/8/2006 9:17:49 AM I don't believe that anita is meant to be a were or she would not be able to fight off the change as she does but i would like to know what the fourth strain is i sometimes think that anita is going to have to go up against mommy dearest and that is why she is getting so powerful and having to find her way through it.
mandy posts on 12/7/2006 10:50:02 PM Well thank god I'm the only person on this earth that doesn't see Anita falling to pieces. It's just that in the old books Anita had all these ligitimate issues that people could relate to and now there's just "well gee I hope he's not jeolous cause I'm sleeping with that stranger over there who just zapped into this book." Its ridiculous. You know what I need is a copy cat. When I was in love with Interview with the Vampire there were all these great stories on the internet about the characters. That is exactly what Anita needs. Who's going to write it for me? Just put that whole legal babel b4 it and vaola. Ok so it works for me but it would probably piss LKH off. And yes I have infact gone and read LKH's blog and I've something she should add in while she's expanding the love. Maybe Anita should become a vegitarian too, or hug a tree. At least ten men can be strapped the tree two if its big enough. Ok so I'm rambling this time but come on, love, give me a break. I've yet to see anything remotely resembling that in Anita's existence. And accepting what she is, more like giving up you mean, she'd already accepted that she was a necromancer. And here's one for you. If she's so accepting of it why doesn't she just choose a were to be already. She fightrs that at every twist and turn, yea real accepting all right. pah-lease!
CriticalThinker posts on 12/7/2006 6:14:28 PM Sadly, I don't see Anita getting back to fighting the good fight, unless that entails beating down the people who were her friends before she became the only woman in St. Louis. I actually returned DM back to the book store as I don't see how a woman being forced to have sex is character developement, nor do I see any character developement where every man is crawling thru broken glass to please Anita no matter what. I just could not accept that all these alpha males were okay with Anita sharing her goodies with every man alpha or not, and they're not fighting about it. That goes so against my understanding of being an alpha. Sadly, based on the signing I attended, the arduer is going to be around for about 4-5 more books, according to LKH.

TALLON posts on 12/7/2006 1:49:57 PM I think all of you should go and read LKH blog and see how hard L works I have read all the anita books and if anything i feel anita is now a much more complete person as for the sex she has almost accepted what she is and is learning to control it so i expect the overwhelming violence will return.
Alisha posts on 11/16/2006 10:20:49 PM I didn't properly convey what I was thinking before and you helped enlighten me Mandy. I didn't mean Anita had to kill anyone right off the bat, I just wish that the focus could shift to maybe developing her powers,or working on another case to take the focus off all the personal vomit that has been inhabiting the pages lately.I understand that is a huge pat of the book but I long for the good ol days of suspense and excited anticipation of Anita's choices in relevancy to her life experiance not just hey I am a succubus and you are furry but you have a dick OK.Am I totally in left field?
mandy posts on 11/11/2006 5:54:52 PM Dob't you see the real problem, everything about the old Anita is dead. She vanished as surely as she might have if she'd been killed by one of her enemies that were so frequent in the past but so nonexistent now. Instead of a character LKH has given us an empty physical shell that takes but gives nothing really in return. The struggle to return Anita to what she was can't just happen in one book bacause we find her killing a new enemy. Ther were lots of things about Anita's conviction before that brought her character to life. A person isn't comprised of relationships they are of self and Anita has no identity now. She's this empty lusting robot that bends to any whim and I for one am waiting for her to kick her own ars into gear which is certainly something that must happen before I can give any credability to her taking the life of anyone else.
Alisha posts on 11/8/2006 9:55:58 PM I would usually look or the good in my beloved Vampire Hunter novels. This series and LKH tuned me on to eading and I dooled though the irst 11 the whole way but she is spiraling down the trashy pit I hope ass kicking Anita reemerges and kick some dicks outta the mix and gets back to fighting evil.
mandy posts on 11/6/2006 9:18:32 PM Its been nearly a month and what,nobody has anything further to say. You can believe it's right or wrong although facts are it's true and everyone was just tip toeing around the issue so we could all ignor what happened. I've never quite been able to work that way, if somethings wrong I'll be sure to let everybody know exactly what it is. But it's been a long time and no response. Usually I at least get a denial, someone who defends Anita and her sickening degeneration but this time there's like silence. I must have really hit the mark.
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