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Mark C. Ross posts on 5/23/2005 9:16:42 AM DearMark, I need to talk/write to you. We want to go with you on a safari in Jan. or Feb.with our son &nd his wife. Remember our son, just your age, who is into geology, archeology and poetry. He has some time off from job at Brown U, next year and we want him to make a trip with you and only you. Can we do a plane trip to make it cover more territoy. He would really love to see Oldavai...geology background. No one would do except youl We could probably do 2 weeks. Please, Mark, this is so important to us. Wally is 81 but in good health & wants to do it again. Can you fit us in? Please. It is our last big trip and only you would do. Please. I feel this is so necessary to spend time with our son and with you, surrogate son. Please contact us. Love to you. Ruth
Donna Blea posts on 3/2/2005 7:28:50 PM Would like to know how to contact Mark C. Ross. Daughter and I would like to go on a sarfari trip with Mark as our guide. I read his book. It was exciting, sad,thrilling. Most of the time you almost felt you were part of the story. Is there an email address that he can be contacted at or a company that he may go through to get his clients?
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