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Christina posts on 6/2/2009 2:44:58 PM I was wondering if and possibliy when Ms. Woods will be coming out with "Dutch III"?! The first 2 were absolutely amazing and I have been waitin for the past 2-3 years for part 3. Will there b a part 3? Please Ms. Woods, your fans r most def. waiting.
mairin posts on 5/14/2009 11:19:25 PM does anyone know if their is going to be a 4th part to the book true to game?? please need to know
LateefahJ posts on 5/11/2009 6:49:20 PM I just started to read True to the Game III and asked myself who is Terri Woods and began my research. I thought maybe she was Gena or connected with people who really lived like that, but if she never wrote the books it's really sad. Did any see the talk show where she appeared back in maybe 2003 or 2004 she was talking about True to the Game and I don't think that was the person they interviewed. That interview made me go buy the book and it upsets me that anyone if she did or didn't steal someone else's thoughts would do such a thing. The mind is a great thing and who wrote True to the Game did a great job not sounding like other urban authors.

Deborah posts on 4/26/2009 10:15:59 PM I get Teri Woods is a fake but I would like to see a movie on True To The Game still or can somebody make a book 4 on it? I would like to read about Quadir and Gena life after the wedding. Do someone know if there will be a movie or a book 4 written by someone eles and what is going on with Teri Woods today?
Joe posts on 4/21/2009 9:58:24 PM @ Nita. Dutch 3 is out. Teri is not the writer, never has been.
Nita posts on 4/13/2009 8:57:15 PM I will like to know, when will Teri Woods be writing the last book to the end of the Dutch? Can somebody help me with this?
In the Know posts on 3/31/2009 12:45:41 PM Yes her name is Iris. She's FAKE all the way around. Hasn't written a single book.
Eta posts on 3/24/2009 9:26:56 PM I thought I was the only 1 that noticed the eras in the hope she is at least sending him his money he deserves...but that's not right her takin his S**t..
JAC BROWN posts on 3/23/2009 12:52:46 PM DUTCH, DUTCH II & DUTCH III THE FINALE ARE ALL WRITTEN BY KWAME TEAGUE. HE was then and he still is a prisoner but you can buy his Finale of DUTCH at it' $15.50+$3.50 S&H i BUY THEM DIRECTLY FROM HIM. JAC BROWN
shawna posts on 3/21/2009 1:03:35 PM Hey, Renee Hahnea, are you certain Terri Woods real name is Iris Woods? I'm asking because someone told me it was Latrisha Jones.
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