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posts on 9/6/2006 9:22:42 AM does any one know what happenbed to dibs? what he's up to now and whether the video sessions recorded are available. i have just finished reading the book and am fascinated by this extraordinary story and fascinated to kknow what became of the boy dibs.
posts on 8/29/2006 5:46:30 PM I was wondering if anyone can answer my question. What is Axeline's philosophy about working with children?
posts on 7/24/2006 10:37:30 AM i've read dibs so many times now and it's a fabulous book. i am really interested in child psychology and things like that. i was wondering if there were any other books like dibs that you would recomend i read? thanks

posts on 7/18/2006 6:17:20 PM Check out School Based PT Edited by Charles Schaefer, Athena Drewes and Lois Carey. That will give you a pretty good idea of how to implement a school based program. Good luck, Ana
posts on 7/18/2006 10:22:08 AM hello everyone!!I am going to start off with play therapy at my school.Any suggestions for me?
posts on 7/7/2006 8:33:15 AM merhaba Axline, ingilizceme güvenemediğim için türkçe yazıyorum.ben türkiyede ankara şehrinde yaşıyorum. 25 yaşındayım dips'in hikayesinden çok etkilendim. ben de otistik öğrencilerle çalışıyorum.keşke sizi daha yakından tanıyabilme olanağım olsaydı... hoçcakalın
posts on 5/31/2006 12:00:06 PM Dibs in Search of Self and Play Therapy by Virginia M Axline, are the most basic books on Play Therapy (Child Centered). From 1960 to now, Play Therapy has become the most comon form of therapeutic treatment for children around the world. There are over 2,500 Registered Play Therapists in the USA alone. The number of publications and books on this subject is enormous, I suggest you go to the Association for Play Therapy web site, and get information. You may want to read Foundations of Play Therapy by Charles Schaefer, he has either writen or edited over 52 books on the subject. good luck, A.S
posts on 5/31/2006 4:07:50 AM I am writing a book review on Dibs In Search Of Self, I need to know how this book could be used in a counselling situation? Thanks
posts on 5/8/2006 2:28:51 PM I am from Israel, and read DIBS first time about 30 years ago. When I was thinking of something, I recalled the "open letter" in the epilogue of the book. Then I wondered, like Gracey, if today there is further information about DIBS. So I searched in the net and found this forum. It was amazing to see that on the other side of eaeth people have similiar relation to a 40 years old book.
posts on 5/7/2006 10:39:50 PM Thank you Mabon for giving us the information on Gregory Smith, I did go to the website, he truly is someone who is making a difference, at such a young age. I wrote to him. I am a Play Therapists who has a foundation that delivers free mental health services to homeless and impoverished children within the school setting, in Phoenix, Arizona. Virgina Axline, and all the others that followed, have been an inspiration for me to work with children who for one reason or another are traumatized. Thank you, Ana Sutton, MA-RPT
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