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Patrick Mcafee posts on 6/30/2007 12:44:54 PM i think you should make a sequel because it left me with so many questions. I would like that and because I want to know if Juli ever talks to Bryce again if she forgives him.
Brie posts on 6/26/2007 12:54:59 PM I know this is pushing it, but a movie should be made on Flipped! They could change it like they normally do and put in an ending! All my friends are like totally in love with this book!!! This just might be me, but I think that someone should show this to a producer and try to get them to film this!
bria posts on 6/15/2007 2:06:21 AM I adore this book and is one of my all time favorites. (I read LOTS of books) Can u please let the readers know if theres a sequel coming? The Cliff Hanger is excellent but needs a sequel! lol but once again I LOVED this book!

Stephanie posts on 5/8/2007 9:03:58 PM Sammy Keyes and the Wild Things came out today! I cought a copy. Even though I'm 16, I love the Sammy Keyes series! Anyway, I started reading it and it still has the same wit as the rest of the series. My personal favorite books in the series is the Search for Snake Eyes, the Skeleton Man, and the Curse of Moustache Mary. Where does Draanen get these great ideas? I loved how intense and dangerous Snake Eyes is, I think Skeleton Man is hilarious, and Casey is the best in Moustache Mary.
potato posts on 4/8/2007 8:31:32 PM you guys do realize that the authors like, never actually read all of these message boards, right? i, for one, loved the ending of flipped. i dont think it was a cliffhanger at all, and i think it gave good closure. as much as i would LOVE a sequel, what would happen? "oh, juli decided that she wouldgive bryce a second chance, and they started dating and had a great relationship." is there really much else to say?
Leah posts on 4/7/2007 5:28:50 PM I love the book Flipped although the ending got to me it NEEDS a sequel. PLEASE write a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous posts on 3/15/2007 6:09:42 PM what was your favorite book? i really can't decide!
emily h. posts on 2/20/2007 7:07:25 PM oh my i loved this book so much, i read it in like a week, it would be great for there to be a sequal and a movie. Actually i would love to be in it. Like that would ever happen!
Anonymous posts on 2/10/2007 12:51:25 AM please write a sequel! i would so buy it and so would all of my friends!
rachel s. posts on 1/20/2007 8:00:11 PM I love the Sammy Keyes books they are the only thing i read it would be great to see a sammy keyes movie too!
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