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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Protect and Defend Eric L. Harry 16000
Battle Born Dale Brown 16000
Fatal Terrain Dale Brown 16000
Invasion Eric L. Harry 16000
Shadows of Steel Dale Brown 16000
Chains of Command Dale Brown 16000
Easy Day For The Dead Howard E. Wasdin and Stephen Templin 16000
The Dead of the Night John Marsden 16000
Burning for Revenge John Marsden 16000
Tomorrow, When the War Began John Marsden 16000
Command Authority Tom Clancy 16000
Plan of Attack Dale Brown 16000
World War III, The Beginning Joel M. Fulgham 16000
Flashpoint Quebec Michael Karpovage 16000
Dragon's Fury - Eagle's Talons Jeff Head 16000
The Flight of The Old Dog Dale Brown 16000
Typhoon Robin White 16000
Cavalry Scout Dennis Patrick Michels 16000
Red Army Ralph Peters 16000
The War in 2020 Ralph Peters 16000
Silver Tower Dale Brown 16000
Flight of the Old Dog Dale Brown 16000
The Enemy Within Larry Bond 16000
Cauldron Larry Bond 16000
Vortex Larry Bond 16000
Red Phoenix Larry Bond 16000
Piranha Firing Point Michael DiMercurio 16000
Sky Masters Dale Brown 16000
Barracuda Final Bearing Michael DiMercurio 16000
Debt of Honor Tom Clancy 16000
Red Storm Rising Tom Clancy 16000
The Hunt For Red October Tom Clancy 12571.4
Hammerheads Dale Brown 8000
Nimitz Class Patrick Robinson 8000
Dale Brown's Dreamland Dale Brown 8000
Firestorm Michael Archer 8000
Storming Intrepid Payne Harrison 6400
Warrior Class Dale Brown 6400
World War III John Stanley 6400
Code Name Antidote Paul T. McHenry, III 6400
SSN Tom Clancy 6400
Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse James Wesley Rawles 6400
Icefire Paul and Garfield Reeves-Stevens 6400
Quicksilver Paul and Garfield Reeves-Stevens 6400
Executive Orders Tom Clancy 6400

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