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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
Little Brother Allan Baillie 14000
Going Under Lydia Chukovskaya 14000
The Ring Danielle Steel 14000
The Wampum Keeper Pat Montague 14000
Number the Stars Lois Lowry 14000
The Royal Game Stefan Zweig 14000
The Great Plague Pamela Oldfield 14000
Angel on the Square Gloria Whelan 14000
Anja the Liar Thomas Moran 14000
Everything is Illuminated Jonathan Safran Foer 14000
Shamrock Green Jessica Stirling 14000
Challenge the Wind Debra Tash 14000
The Geisha's Granddaughter Chayym Zeldis 14000
Rise to Rebellion Jeff Shaara 14000
Jim Mundy Robert Fowler 14000
The Path to the Spiders' Nests Italo Calvino 14000
The African Queen C.S. Forester 14000
Dolley Rita Mae Brown 14000
Gone With The Wind Margaret Mitchell 14000
Undeclared War Sam Smith 14000
On The Night Plain J. Robert Lennon 14000
Dunnottar Janet Elaine Smith 14000
For Whom the Bell Tolls Ernest Hemingway 14000
Far Above Rubies Cynthia Polansky 14000
Next Year in Jerusalem Brian C Petti 14000
Dark Places John Bowman 14000
The Plague Albert Camus 14000
The Last Man Charles Kearney 14000
Five Quarters of the Orange Joanne Harris 14000
The Bronze Horseman Paullina Simons 14000
The Secret of Santa Vittoria Robert Crichton 14000
Regeneration Pat Barker 14000
The Portage to San Cristobal of A.H. George Steiner 14000
Catch-22 Joseph Heller 14000
Under Western Eyes Joseph Conrad 14000
Fugitive Pieces Anne Michaels 14000
Spark of Life Erich Maria Remarque 14000
And Where Were You, Adam? Heinrich Boll 14000
The Sky Unwashed Irene Zabytko 14000
A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens 14000
Night Elie Wiesel 14000
The Pied Piper's Poison Christopher Wallace 14000
Flight #116 Is Down! Caroline B. Cooney 14000
Flash Fire Caroline B. Cooney 14000
The Samurai's Garden Gail Tsukiyama 14000
Prayer at Rumayla: A Novel of the Gulf War Charles Sheehan-Miles 14000
Song of Troy Colleen McCullough 14000
Austerlitz W.G. Sebald 14000
The Butcher's Dog Eliza Hemingway 14000
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress Dai Sijie 14000

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