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Bea is an old woman. Even worse, she is a very dumb old woman. We know this because when her husband dies she has less than $800 in the bank. She didn't think at all about their finances while her husband was alive and as a result when he died she was left almost penniless. She lives in a trailer park like trailer park white trash.

Bea gets a call from the IRS telling her she owes money, even though she has never heard of this before. She is told the money is due today, but if she hands over her bank identification information and pin number the matter will be resolved immediately. Bea does and all the money is taken from her account in this obvious scam. It's hard to be sympathetic with a dumb main character.

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So Bea, out of money and unable to pay the rent in her trailer park, takes her bread delivery van and hits the road. Because she doesn't have enough money to pay for gas she steals peoples' iPhones and then sells them for cash.

This is the moment when she loses all reader sympathy. She's not merely dumb, she's a crook. We are supposed to believe that Bea has no options because she has no money.

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