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Bea is an old woman. Even worse, she is a very dumb old woman. We know this because when her husband dies she has less than $800 in the bank. She didn't think at all about their finances while her husband was alive and as a result when he died she was left almost penniless. She lives in a trailer park like trailer park white trash.

Bea gets a call from the IRS telling her she owes money, even though she has never heard of this before. She is told the money is due today, but if she hands over her bank identification information and pin number the matter will be resolved immediately. Bea does and all the money is taken from her account in this obvious scam. It's hard to be sympathetic with a dumb main character.

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So Bea, out of money and unable to pay the rent in her trailer park, takes her bread delivery van and hits the road. Because she doesn't have enough money to pay for gas she steals peoples' iPhones and then sells them for cash.

This is the moment when she loses all reader sympathy. She's not merely dumb, she's a crook. We are supposed to believe that Bea has no options because she has no money. But of course Bea does have options. She can go to one of many food kitchens in her area to get food. She can go on welfare and start getting money from the government. She can go live in a homeless shelter. Instead she chooses to steal from people. We are supposed to feel sorry for her but she is simply (a) dumb and (b) a thief.

Then we meet Allie, a 15 year old girl whose parents get arrested for tax evasion. Allie is sent to a group home where a butch girl named Brick steals her possessions. Allie reclaims her possessions and threatens Brick. Another girl named Jasmine warns Allie that when Brick's boyfriend comes, they will get Allie. They see the boyfriend's motorcycle arriving out front and Allie flees with Jasmine.

Jasmine, her new friend, takes Allie to a home of child prostitution run by her pimp Victor. At first Allie does not understand that she is expected to let men ejaculate into her 15 year old v_gina. Victor takes her on a lavish shopping trip, buying her thousands of dollars of clothes and telling her she can work it off. Allie still doesn't understand, even though she knows Victor's home is filled with young girls. But when Victor offers to buy her an iPhone, finally Allie gets it. She tells Victor she can't let men bone her because her v_gina is not open for business yet. Victor takes the news in stride and invites her to go home with her and think about it overnight. Allie agrees.

Now tell me, who is dumber, Allie, or Bea? It's pretty close.

That night Jasmine confesses that she took Allie to a child prostitution ring. She tells Allie she has to leave or that Victor will sell her to another pimp who will force her to let men ejaculate into her.

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