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Frank Lloyd Wright was a famous architect at the beginning of the 20th century. When he designs a house or a garage, people react like he's created a rocket ship or the cure for cancer. Personally I think he was a tremendously overrated architect.

Anyway, Wright designs a garage for Mamah and Ed, who are married to each other. He brings people over to see the garage, which is famous, since Wright designed it. How a garage can be so special, since it is simply a place to park a car, makes no sense at all to me, but anyway this development gave Ed contact with Mamah, and they fell in love.

Yes, her name really is Mamah. It's creepy throughout the book for Frank to talk about how he is in love with Mamah. It makes it sound like he's boning his Mom.

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Wright and Mamah admit they don't love their spouses. Wright makes a move on Mamah, but she finds out she is pregnant with Ed's baby, so he lays off her for a while until her v_gina is less crowded.

A few years later they have sex. I mean, they have sex all the time, but we never ever see it described in the book. All we are told is that Wright and Mamah lie together in bed. We are supposed to think from that that they had sex. I'm sorry but even in the early 20th century lying in bed together is not sex. The author's timidity in describing the physical aspects of their romance makes it feel like they have little more than a platonic friendship.

Mamah still had sex with her husband Ed too, but she never paid any attention while he boned her, mentally running through her errand list for the next day while he vigorious put his schlong in and out of her.

Frank tells his wife Catherine that he's boning Mamah and wants a divorce. But Catherine won't give him a divorce. They have 6 kids and she wants to keep their family together. Catherine wants a year to reconcile with Frank. Mamah is very angry. She wants to break up Frank's family immediately to satisfy her sexual pleasure.

Then Mamah told her husband Ed about Frank. Ed starts to cry like a little boy! Given the choice between staying with Ed and leaving Ed for Frank, Mamah decides to.... go to Colorado.

What is in Colorado? Absolutely nothing. But Mamah takes the kids there anyway and camps out with friends. This makes absolutely no sense at all. Mamah claims she wants time to think things through. But she has made a choice where she has no man servicing her voracious sexual appetites at all.

After a short time Mamah does tire of this and she decides to go to Europe with Frank so he can resume boning her. Mamah decides to abandon her children in Colorado, dismissively saying that her husband will show up and collect them. It's actions like this that cause the reader to lose all sympathy for Mamah.

Edwin writes Mamah a letter basically calling her a bitch for abandoning her children. He says that Frank has gotten her under some sort of mind control. Heh heh heh.

Reporters start following Frank and Mamah in Berlin.

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