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The story starts with Maria having trouble changing a tire on the side of the road in Wilmington, Delaware. Maria is Mexican. She is also a lawyer. When a guy stops his car to help her change her tire, Maria is worried because he has a beaten up face and look dangerous. She is torn between her fear of him and her need to fix her car. Despite her fear, she lets him change her tire and then she leaves without thanking him.

Colin, the guy who helped her, had a beaten up face because he does mixed martial arts as a hobby. Mixed martial arts consists of two guys beating each other up in a cage.

Colin is 28 years old but goes to college because he wants to become a third grade teacher. That's right, he's a very violent guy with a beat up face but wants to become a third grade teacher. That is because Colin remembers when he was in the third grade and wants to help teach violent kids not to be violent kids. Colin has become sensitive now.

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Serena, Maria's sister, sees Colin in one of her college classes and recognizes him as the guy who helped Maria with her tire. For some unexplained reason Serena thinks it would be a good idea to get Colin and Maria together--Colin, the violent felon, and Maria, her lawyer sister, and so tries to make a match. Serena brings Maria to the restaurant where Colin works as a bartender. Maria realizes that except for his bloody face and tattoos, that Colin is quite attractive. No, I don't believe any of this either.

Maria is a little worried about Colin's violent past. She also think he's a bit of a retard for being in college at the age of 28.

Colin tells Maria that he used to go to bars to beat people up but now does MMA fights, so he can beat people up in a socially acceptable way that won't land him in jail.  Colin assures Maria that he has never, ever spent time in PRISON; only in JAIL, where he spent a year. Why jail is considered less of a stigma than prison I'm not sure.

Then Colin tells Maria that he was diagnosed with anger disorder and was locked up in a MENTAL HOSPITAL for a while.

At this point any normal person would be RUNNING, not walking away, but Maria merely sits still and processes all this.

Maria tells Colin about an upsetting case she prosecuted when she worked for the district attorney's office. She prosecuted some guy who was mistreating his girlfriend on a lesser charge and when he got out of jail he killed her. The family of the murdered girl blamed Maria for prosecuting the guy on a lesser charge. Remember this part because we will return to it later.

Maria invites Colin out on a date paddle boarding. She wears a sexy black bikini to show off her marvelous Spanish breasts and, as she hoped, Colin indeed takes notice of them.

The next day Maria has a meeting with Ken, her managing partner. He promises to help advance her career and invites her to think of him as her special friend. Then he actually touches her collar bone as he invites her to lunch! Maria feels violated that Ken has touched her collar bone and refuses. She tells him she already has a boyfriend and arranges for Colin to meet her at her office, where she kisses and makes out with him so Ken can watch. (Heh heh heh.)

Meanwhile, Maria wants Colin to meet her parents. They've only been on one date, Colin hasn't even boned her yet, and yet Maria is insisting on this, probably because of his violent background.

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