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Colin agrees. He talks with Felix, Maria's dad, who openly says he's troubled by Colin's violent past. But then Colin explains that he was beaten up as a kid and instantly, Felix understand. Why being beaten up as a kid makes Colin's violent tendencies more acceptable, I don't know. But Felix basically tells Colin that if he messes with Maria, that he, Felix, will come after Colin.

Later, Colin takes Maria to dance. At a warehouse. Filled with tattooed gangsters. With music going at full blast. Maria has a wonderful time dancing in the gangster filled warehouse.

Maria invites Colin back to her apartment so he can bone her. He does. But we get no details of it. Even though this is a romance novel we are never given any details about their lovemaking. It's not that kind of book.

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Instead, most of the book focuses on Colin "emoting", saying things like "Being with you makes me feel vulnerable again, and I haven't felt vulnerable since I was a kid. You've come to mean more to me than I think you realize." Awww!

Maria gets roses with a card that says "You will know how it feels". At first she thinks it's from Colin but it isn't. Then she thinks it is from her boss, Ken, who is still trying to bone her. But Colin investigates local florist shops and discovers that the person who sent the flowers is much younger than Ken.

They have sex again. No details. All we learn is that "She gave herself over to him completely", whatever that means. Does that mean she let him do oral? Anal? There's no elaboration.

Colin is upset that someone is stalking Maria and so he goes running to get rid of his anger. They go on another date and someone orders Maria a drink and she realizes it is the stalker. Colin starts interrogating the waitress to find out who ordered the drink and he gets angry and starts yelling. Bouncers take him out of the club and Detective Margolis shows up. He treats Colin like he's a mass murderer even though all he did was yell at someone. Maria explains that Colin was just trying to find out who had ordered her the drink. Maria bribes the waitress not to press charges, though I don't know what charges the waitress could have pressed--is yelling a crime?

Maria is worried that Colin's yelling shows that he's still a violent person, and she avoids him for several days... before returning to their regular sex and snuggling routine.

Meanwhile, someone murdered Maria's dog! They think it is the stalker.

She gets a rose at work with the message "You will know how it feels". She is being stalked again! Then her car's tires are slashed and there is a message left on her windshield obviously written by a mentally disturbed madman.

Detective Margolis arrives. Maria claims that Lester Manning did this. Ok, so let's review: Maria prosecuted this guy for a lesser crime and as a result he got out of jail early and killed his girlfriend. Lester Manning is the brother of the dead girl and blames Maria for not prosecuting the killer for a more serious crime in order to keep him in jail longer.

Margolis is skeptical because Maria has no proof that Lester vandalized her car. It's all conjecture.

Margolis investigates and finds out that Lester is a DRIFTER, a NARCOTIS USER, and is MENTALLY ILL, and is regularly locked up in a MENTAL HOSPITAL.

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