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Sugar is a fat girl who believes she is half Puerto Rican and half Polish (not really true--more on that later). Her real name is Mercy but she is called Sugar because she is so fat. Sugar has constant urges to eat! She is introduced to us gobbling down double chocolate cupcakes; Sugar is such a pig that she eats them hot from the oven, not caring if she burns herself as she swallows down massive fat and calories.

If Sugar is fat, her mother is extremely fat, over 500 pounds, and Sugar takes care of her, cooking her food and wiping her ass in the bathroom. I guess you could say that Sugar takes care of the chocolate on both ends, heh heh.

Sugar has a brother named Skunk who is very abusive. We are forced to read hundreds of pages of Skunk calling her names, hitting her, and throwing objects at her.

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Sugar is so fat that when she bends over it is painful because her jeans cut into her belly! After finishing the double chocolate cupcakes, she eats a lot of chocolate pudding and then a cream pie. What a pig! It is still the beginning of the book and already we have lost sympathy for the main character because she is such a glutton. There are many, many more pages where we are forced to read about all the things Sugar is eating.

Because she is so fat, Sugar has trouble finding clothes that fit. In one clothing store the saleswoman suggests she goes to Sears because Sears has clothes for fat people. Sugar gets offended but it is her own f'ing fault for eating so much.

Sugar meets a thin boy named Even. His name was actually supposed to be Evan, but Even's father was a drunken retard and couldn't spell. Even's mother died while giving birth when her v_gina exploded.

Even  for some reason finds Sugar attractive, even though she is as large as a 747. He repeats over and over that he likes her smile. We read this like a million times. But, let's be honest, there's no way even a wimpy and sensitive guy like Even would ever be attracted to a blimp like Sugar.

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