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Before we begin--this book features a lot of characters and very short chapters so I may write only a sentence or two about one character before jumping to another. It shows the very choppy and broken up nature of this book.


A girl named Roxy and her Mom get attacked by some guys. Roxy uses a special power to zap one of them, but the other beats the crap out of her and kills her Mom.

Meanwhile, Tunde is a black boy in Nigeria who wants to bone a girl named Enuma. Enuma uses a power to paralyze him while she kisses him. This is a major theme of the book, that women can use their power to bang guys. Then Enuma zaps a man with her electrical power on a higher setting. Tunde films other girls zapping people and gets a job as a journalist. He travels the world getting video of girls zapping men.

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A girl named Jos has the power too. It seems anyone with a v_gina has it. Jos's mom Margot asks Jos to zap her. Jos complies and gives her mother a real pain, heh heh.

A boy named Hunter tries to bone a girl named Allie. Allie zaps him. Then she goes home and her adopted dad tries to bone her. She zaps him too, killing him. A voice inside her head tells her that she's done good work. Men bad! Women good!

Allie runs away. When her step mom discovered the body of her husband, she found him with his pants off and his erect penis sticking out, heh heh heh. She covered up his erect penis and called the police.

Allie joins a convent, full of young girls who have the power to zap people. She is advised by the mysterious voice inside her head to stay there and take it over.

Roxie's dad Bernie gives Roxie some cocaine. It seems he's a drug dealer and thinks it's a good idea for kids to sniff cocaine. He plans to kill Primrose, the man who killed Roxie's wife. But Primrose ambushes him, and shoots Roxie's dad's freinds while Roxie watches, sniffing cocaine. Then Roxie goes and kills Primrose, zapping him.

As I mentioned earlier, Tunde gets work as a freelance journalist, making videos of girls zapping people. He goes to Saudi Arabia and films women zapping people. One woman named Noor claims Tunde and decides to use him for sex. She controls the pace, and even zapping him while using him.

It takes a long while, and it is good. She shows him what to do, with his mouth and with his fingers. By the time she is riding him, sweating and calling out, the sun has risen on a new day in Riyadh. And when she loses control as she finishes she sends a jolt through his buttocks and across his pelvis and he barely feels the pain at all, so great is the delight.

Women with power make men into sex slaves. This is another major theme of the book.

It's not just girls who have it, but adult women too.

Allie meets a girl named Luanne who is having physical problems coping with her power. Allie looks into Luanne's body and repairs her zapping ability. Allie starts healing other girls, which impress the nuns who run the convent.

Allie tells the other girls to go into the ocean with her at sunrise. They obey her. When they go into the ocean they think they have some kind of religious experience. Eve tells them that God is a woman (ha, ha!) and speaks through her.

One of the nuns is alarmed by this and talks openly about killing Allie. But Allie kills her first.

More girls join Allie's new religion. By the way Allie calls herself "Eve" at this point.

Allie/Eve tells her followers that women are in charge and men are their slaves. Then she calls for a lesbian commune, saying that it is better for women to live together than with men.

Margot, who is Jos's Mom, wants to set up a camp called Northstar to teach girls like Jos how to zap men.

Tunde goes to Moldova, a small country near Russia. The ruler of Moldova is having problems with lesbian gangs zapping people to overthrow the government. Before long the ruler's wife, Tatiana, kills the ruler and takes over. She has electrical powers too.

Roxie meets Allie. Allie realizes Roxie has a lot of power and she can use Roxie to zap other men. Allie tells Roxie that she has a "good feeling" about Roxie, heh heh.

The police come the convent, which has now become a lesbian religious cult, to arrest Allie. Roxie zaps them.

The police beat up a woman and hold her at the police station. Allie takes some girls to the police station to rescue her.

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