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Plot Summary Part 3

Then she lets him bone her. Is she trying to win him back? Was it just a spur of the moment thing? Todd says that even after he marries Natasha he still wants to come by to bone Jodi. Will she accept that?

Todd notices a lesion in his mouth and wonders if he has AIDS. He's been banging a lot of women so it's possible. He gets an AIDS test but the results won't be known for a while. He wonders if he has given Jodi, Natasha, Natasha's baby, and perhaps half the female population of this city AIDS.

Natasha is being very controlling. She orders Todd to run errands for her. When Todd is in a bar she orders him to leave at once. She orders him to stay on the phone while he pays the bar tab and to keep her informed when he is leaving the bar. You clearly get the impression that she is going to cut off his nuts and make him a slave.

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Jodi realizes that she is still the beneficiary of Todd's will. She hires a friend of a friend to kill Todd so she will inherit his money. This doesn't make any sense to me because before this Jodi has never shown any interest in money. But now we are supposed to believe that she wants to inherit Todd's money, so she hires a killer to eliminate Todd.

Todd feels that his p_nis is electrically stimulated. He is rubbing it all the time. The reason he is rubbing his p_nis all the time is the fear he might have AIDS. This makes no sense to me. A person with AIDS would not be sexually aroused, would they?

Todd's fear of AIDS does not prevent him from going to a cafe and seducing another woman named Ilona. He sets up a date with her, some two days before his AIDS test results come back and a few more days before his marriage to Natasha. Todd has an overactive p_nis that just can't quit! Once he gets married to Natasha he vows not to let her control his time so much so he can go and bone some other women.

Todd is so excited about his upcoming date with Ilona that he masturbates in the shower a lot. Heh heh heh.  It seems no one woman can satisfy him.

But then Todd is shot dead. His last thought is that he will not get to bone Ilona.

Jodi is the prime suspect in the murder of Todd. They realize how much she had to gain from his will. Jodi acts like a calm robot as the police attempt to get her to crack.

Then the police tell her that they have arrested Dean, Natasha's father, for the murder of Todd. Dean was so angry that Todd got Natasha pregnant that he hired some guys to kill him. This makes no sense. Even if Dean was angry that Todd boned Natasha, why would he murder the father of his soon-to-be-grandchild and the soon-to-be-husband of his daughter?

At first Jodi thinks this is a mistake because she was the one who hired a killer to kill Todd.

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