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 Always use a condom. Todd's problems began because he didn't use a condom. If he had used a condom, Natasha would not have gotten pregnant and he could have continued to bone other women with Jodi's tacit permission.  I know condoms reduce physical sensations but it really is the birth control of choice for philandering men.


Some women are turned on by men who call them bitches. Todd got into a nasty car crash with Jodi, called her a bitch... and then asked her out on a date. Jodi accepted. I can only think that she enjoyed being dominated and called a bitch. Some women like that.


Always check your chest for sperm when cheating on your wife. One time Jodi knew that Todd had cheated on her because he came to the swimming pool after an extended absence with sperm on his chest. Men who cheat on their wives should always check a mirror first to see if they have any sperm there, it can squirt quite a distance when they get excited.

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Smaller breasted women have more problem holding onto their husbands. Is it any coincidence that Todd felt sexually incomplete with Jodi when we are repeatedly told that Jodi has small breasts? One wonders if Todd would have felt compelled to bone other women if Jodi had had larger breasts. It was a story angle that was not explored.

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