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Plot Summary Part 2

Louis is so upset that he goes on a 120 mile hike in a forest. Before she left Fanny assured him that she loved Louis, loved him so much in fact that she is going several thousand miles away to be with another man.

They live in Oakland, California, which in the 1800's was probably a lot nicer than it is today. Fanny admits that she let Louis bone her, but regrets admitting it because now Sam realizes they are on the same moral ground--both have cheated on each other, and Fanny can no longer hold herself up as superior to Sam.

Louis follows Fanny to California. He finds out that Fanny still hasn't divorced Sam. Why can't anyone in this story just find one p_nis or one v_gina and stick to it? Louis runs away to a rural area.

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Louis gets very sick. No one knows what is wrong with him. Fanny finds him and tells him that Sam has agreed to divorce her. They get married a few months later.

Louis continues to be very sick. He vomits blood. Doctors tell him to go to Davos, Switzerland. Davos is a very cold, high altitude place. But the mountain air helps Louis recover. Unfortunately Fanny hates Davos because it feels like the north pole.

When they return to London, Louis meets with a bunch of writer friends. Most are homosexual, though Fanny does not notice Louis doing any ass munching. One of them, named Henley, is the editor of a magazine. Louis's writer friends are dismissive of Fanny... maybe because she's not a writer?

Ok, throughout the book, Fanny insists she is a writer. In fact, at one point, she even writes something. But we never get to see what she writes. For Fanny, you see, is an amateur writer. But because she has such a chip on her shoulder she expects serious, shall we say, published writers to take her seriously.

Louis gets sick again. The doctors try to help him. They also suggest Fanny eat lemons and arsenic. Not joking, page 217 of the book: "...pronounced her fat, and put her on a diet of meat, lemons, health tonics, and  low dose of arsenic". Maybe the doctors figured that when Fanny died from the arsenic all those extra pounds would just melt away, heh heh.

Louis, sensitive to Fanny's weight problem, starts calling her "Pig". When she complains about the nickname, he says he means "Pig" in a nice way. What a dick!

Louis gets sick and vomits blood several more times, and Fanny takes care of him. This is what a lot of the book is about. If this excites you, you will really enjoy this book.

Fanny notices that blood no longer comes out of her v_gina. She thinks she might be pregnant. This alarms Louis. When, a few weeks later, he sees blood starting to drip out of her crotch, Louis realizes he has never seen a more beautiful sight.

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